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How to prepare bid documents to get high scores (full)

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In the bidding process, all the documents presented to the judges are the bidding documents. It is self-evident that the preparation of the bidding documents is of great significance in the bid winning process.

衡量投标文件的质量好坏的标准就是: 是否最大限度地满足招标文件要求。 The criterion for judging the quality of bidding documents is whether to meet the requirements of the bidding documents to the greatest extent.

要想中标就要得高分,要想得高分就要投其所好,招标人需要什么,作为投标人就应最大限度的提供什么。 If you want to win the bid, you need to get a high score, if you want to get a high score, you have to do what you want, what the bidder needs, and what the bidder should provide as much as possible.

我们首先要理解在评标过程中那些是重点评标项,然后再把自己的优势最大化。 We must first understand those that are re-evaluating bids in the bid evaluation process, and then maximize our advantages. 投标文件需要在规定的时间编制的精炼;做到主次分明、层次清楚、内容全面、重点突出。 The bidding documents need to be refined at the prescribed time; the main and subordinates must be clear, the level is clear, the content is comprehensive, and the focus is prominent. 完善投标文件,严格按招标文件编技术标,商务标的编制需要落实几个问题。 Improve the bidding documents, compile technical bids strictly according to the bidding documents, and the preparation of business bids requires implementation of several issues.

了解招标文件的构成 First , understand the composition of the bidding documents

招标文件包括: Tender documents include:

1 )招标公告; ( 1 ) Tender announcement;

2 )投标人须知; ( 2 ) Notice to bidders;

3 )评标办法; ( 3 ) Evaluation methods;

4 )合同条款及格式; ( 4 ) contract terms and format;

5 )投标文件格式; ( 5 ) format of bidding documents;

6 )工程量清单; ( 6 ) Bill of quantities;

7 )发包人提供的资料; ( 7 ) Information provided by the developer;

8 )技术标准和发包人要求; ( 8 ) technical standards and requirements of the developer;

9 )投标人须知前附表规定的其他材料。 ( 9 ) Bidders must know other materials specified in the previous schedule.

:投标人应仔细阅读和检查招标文件的全部内容。 Note : Bidders should carefully read and check the entire contents of the bidding documents. 如发现缺页或附件不全,应及时向招标人提出,以便补齐。 If any missing pages or incomplete attachments are found, they should be submitted to the tenderer in time for completion. 如有疑问,应在投标人须知前附表规定的时间前以书面形式有形地表现,要求招标人对招标文件予以澄清。 If in doubt, the bidder shall be tangibly represented in written form before the time specified in the previous schedule to the bidder, and the bidder shall be clarified.

了解投标文件的组成 2. Understand the composition of bidding documents

投标文件 一般 包括下列内容: Bidding documents generally include the following:

1 )投标函及投标函附表; ( 1 ) Tender letter and attached schedule;

2 )投标保证金 ( 2 ) Bid deposit

3 )法定代表人身份证明及附有法定代表人身份证明的授权委托书; ( 3 ) The identity certificate of the legal representative and the power of attorney with the identity certificate of the legal representative;

4 )联合体协议书(如有); ( 4 ) Consortium agreement (if any);

5 )已标价工程量清单; ( 5 ) List of priced projects;

6 )商务投标文件; ( 6 ) Business tender documents;

7 )技术投标文件; ( 7 ) technical tender documents;

8 )资格审查资料(包括商务、技术); ( 8 ) Qualification review materials (including business and technology);

9 )拟分包项目情况表(如有); ( 9 ) Schedule of the project to be subcontracted (if any);

10 )偏差表; ( 10 ) deviation table;

三、了解招标文件的审查重点项 3. Understand the key items for review of bidding documents

3.1 、商务资格审查资料 3.1 Business Qualification Review Information

1 . 投标人营业执照、资质证书副本和安全生产许可证及其合格的证明材料的影印件 1. Photocopies of the bidder's business license, qualification certificate, work safety license and qualified certification materials  

2 . 近年财务状况 2. Financial status in recent years

3 . 近年完成的类似项目情况 3. Similar projects completed in recent years

4. 质量认证证书 有合格 ISO9000 系列证书的 4. Quality certification : those with qualified ISO9000 series certificates

5. 正在施工和新承接的项目情况 5. Projects under construction and newly undertaken

6. 证明材料:证明材料无弄虚作假 6. Proof materials: No falsification of proof materials

7. 不良记录没有相关机构不良记录(国网及地方政府) 7. Bad records No bad records of related institutions (State Grid and local governments)

8. 施工业绩 满足招标文件要求 8. Construction performance : meet the requirements of bidding documents

9. 9.   项目经理资格 满足法律法规及招标文件的要求 Project manager qualification : meet the requirements of laws and regulations and tender documents

10. 信誉、诚信(目前在商务标中占得比重非常大) 10. Reputation and integrity (currently, they occupy a very large proportion in commercial bids)

3.2 、技术资格审查资料 3.2 Technical Qualification Examination Information

1 )工程概况、招标范围、标段划分、工期要求、质量标准、投标有效期、 ( 1 ) Project overview, scope of bidding, division of tenders, construction period requirements, quality standards, bid validity

2 )施工组织计划;质量、安全、工期、环保保证体系与措施 ( 2 ) Construction organization plan; quality, safety, construction period, environmental protection guarantee system and measures

3 )施工技术的重点、难点是投标文件的重点内容 ( 3 ) The key and difficult points of construction technology are the key content of bidding documents

3.3 、投标文件的编制 3.3 Preparation of bidding documents

1 投标文件应按 投标文件格式 进行编写,如有必要,可以增加附页,作为投标文件的组成部分。 1 Tender documents shall be prepared in accordance with the " tender document format " . If necessary, additional pages may be added as part of the bid document.

2 投标文件应当对招标文件有关工期、投标有效期、质量要求、技术标准和要求、招标范围等实质性内容作出响应。 2 The bidding documents shall respond to the substantive content of the bidding documents regarding the construction period, the validity period of the bidding, quality requirements, technical standards and requirements, and the scope of the bidding. 没有实质性响应的投标将被否决。 Bids without a substantial response will be rejected.

符合招标文件的要求 Meet the requirements of the bidding documents

1有合格的营业执照、 具备有效的安全生产许可证 、资质 :且经营范围与招标项目一致,资质符合法律法规和招标文件要求。 ( 1 ) Have a qualified business license, a valid production safety license , and qualifications : the scope of business is consistent with the bidding project, and the qualifications meet the requirements of laws and regulations and bidding documents.

2 投标人名称 投标人名称与营业执照、资质证书、银行资信证明等证明证书一致投标人名称与营业执照、资质证书、银行资信证明等证明证书一致 ( 2 ) The name of the bidder ; the name of the bidder is consistent with the business license, qualification certificate, bank credit certificate, etc. The name of the bidder is consistent with the business license, qualification certificate, bank credit certificate, etc.

3 投标保证金 投标保证金符合招标文件规定 ( 3 ) Bid security : The bid security meets the requirements of the bidding documents

4 投标函等签字盖章 :投标函、授权委托书及其他投标文件的签字、盖章等符合招标文件的签署规定 ( 4 ) Signing and stamping of bidding letters: The signing and stamping of bidding letters, powers of attorney and other bidding documents conform to the signing requirements for bidding documents

5 投标文件格式投标文件格式 :投标文件格式符合招标文件要求 ( 5 ) Bid file format Bid file format : The format of the bid file meets the requirements of the bidding document

6投标报价 :投标报价没有超过最高投标限价 ( 6 ) Bid price : The bid price does not exceed the maximum bid limit

7 报价唯一 只能有一个有效报价(按招标文件要去提交备选投标方案的除外) ( 7 ) Unique offer : there can be only one valid offer (except for those who submit alternative bidding plans according to the bidding documents)

8已标价工程量清单 :已标价工程量清单符合招标文件“工程量清单”的范围、数量,符合清单编制的要求。 ( 8 ) List of priced works: The list of priced works conforms to the scope and quantity of the "works list" in the bidding documents, and meets the requirements for inventory preparation.

9 预算书 / 预算书 预算书符合招标文件 预算书 的范围、数量,符合清单 / 预算编制的要求。 ( 9 ) Budget book / budget book : The budget book conforms to the scope and quantity of the " budget book " in the bidding document , and meets the requirements of inventory / budget preparation.

10 总工期 总工期(总进度)响应、权利义务响应符合招标文件要求 ( 10 ) Total construction period : The total construction period (total progress) response and rights and obligations response meet the requirements of the bidding documents .

11 工期(关键节点) 符合招标文件的规定 ( 11 ) Construction period (key nodes) : meet the requirements of the bidding documents

12 投标有效期 投标有效期符合招标文件要求 ( 12 ) Validity period of bidding : The valid period of bidding meets the requirements of bidding documents

13 投标内容 符合招标文件规定 ( 13 ) Bidding content : in accordance with the provisions of the bidding documents

14 工程质量 符合招标文件及合同的规定 ( 14 ) Project quality : in accordance with the requirements of bidding documents and contracts

15 技术标准和要求 符合招标文件 技术标准和要求 规定 ( 15 ) Technical standards and requirements : in accordance with the " technical standards and requirements " of the bidding documents

16商务偏差/ 技术偏差 :没有招标方不能接受的偏差内容 ( 16 ) Business deviation / technical deviation : There is no deviation content that the bidder cannot accept

17 其他否决其投标条件 :没有法律法规和招标文件规定的其他废标的内容 ( 17 ) Other conditions for rejecting their bids : There are no other scrapped bids stipulated by laws and regulations and bidding documents

18 招标文件中标注 “▲” 符号的条款 ,如有偏差会导致投标被拒绝或否决,投标被拒绝或否决包括但不限于标注 “▲” 符号的条款。 ( 18 ) For the clauses marked with "▲" symbol in the bidding documents , any deviation will lead to the rejection or rejection of bids. The rejected or rejected bids include but are not limited to the clauses marked with "▲" symbol.

投标文件中 采分点 V. Mining points in bidding documents

1 )投标文件综合响应情况 对招标文件全响应或有差异但能提高招标文件标准的 等分高 ;投标文件内容或形式有差异但招标方能接受的 逐项 减分。 ( 1 ) Comprehensive response to bidding documents: full response to bidding documents or differences but improving the standard of bidding documents; itemized points that are different in the content or form of bidding documents but acceptable to the bidder .

2 )经营状况 3 年经过审计:资产负债表和损益表完整齐全 ( 2 ) Operating status : audited in recent 3 years: the balance sheet and profit and loss account are complete . 上年销售利润率 ≥5% ,资产负债率 ≤70% 得分相对高 Last year's sales profit rate was 5% or more , and the asset-liability ratio was ≤70% . The score was relatively high  

注:不得连续三年亏损 Note: No loss for three consecutive years

3 )银行资信证明 AAA 得分最高 AA 其次 A 级或银行证明资金状况良好; ( 3 ) Bank credit certification : AAA grade has the highest score ; AA grade is second ; A grade or bank proves that the funds are in good condition;  

4 )报价 报价格式 填写清晰、完整、 他格式问题 ( 4 ) Quotation : The format of the quotation must be clear, complete and free of other formatting issues . 报价内容:总价与分价对应;大小写 要相 符;清单填写 规范减。 Contents of the quotation: the total price corresponds to the divided price; the capitalization must be consistent ; the list must be standardized and reduced. 单项价格比较: 科学合理 Single item price comparison: Be scientific and reasonable

费用比较 合理 The cost should be reasonable

5 )对供应商评价 投标人 以往投标、履约(参考用户评价)及有无投诉情况酌情 分。 ( 5 ) Evaluation of suppliers : The bidders have scored according to their previous bids, performances (referring to user evaluation) and whether there are complaints .

6 施工组织方案 科学合理可行 ( 6 ) Construction organization plan should be scientific, reasonable and feasible

7 施工总平面布置 合理 ( 7 ) Reasonable general layout of construction

8 施工网络进度计划 合理 ( 8 ) Reasonable construction network schedule

9 施工主要机械安排 ( 9 ) Better arrangement of main machinery for construction

10 现场组织机构 ( 10 ) Better on-site organization

11 项目经理情况 素质、业绩好 ( 11 ) Project manager : good quality and performance

12 主要技术负责人情况 素质、业绩好 ( 12 ) Situation of main technical personnel : good quality and performance

13 主要劳动力组织计划 科学合理可行 ( 13 ) Major labor organization plans : scientific, reasonable, and feasible

14 同规模主体施工经历 5 个以上同等及以上规模施工经历 ( 14 ) Construction experience of subjects of the same scale : 5 or more construction experiences of the same scale or above

15 本工程特点施工经历 针对本工程特点曾经有过施工经历相近 ( 15 ) Construction experience of the characteristics of this project : According to the characteristics of this project, there have been similar construction experiences

16 质量保障体系及措施 体系完整、措施得力 ( 16 ) Quality assurance system and measures : complete system and effective measures

17 安全保障体系及措施 体系完整、措施得力 ( 17 ) Safety guarantee system and measures : complete system and effective measures

18 投标文件综合响应情况 通过阅读标书,标书 要完全 响应 ( 18 ) Comprehensive response of bidding documents : By reading the bids, the bids must be fully responded

六、满足签字盖章要求 Meet the requirements of signature and seal

所有证明性文件均需提供影印件并加盖单位公章包括但不限于以下资料 All supporting documents must be provided with photocopies and stamped with the company's official seal including but not limited to the following information :

1 )企业营业执照 ( 1 ) Business license

2 )企业资质证书 ( 2 ) Enterprise qualification certificate

3 )安全生产许可证 ( 3 ) Production Safety License

4 )承装 ( 修、试 ) 电力设施许可证(由国家电监会颁发) ( 4 ) Permit to install ( repair, test ) power facilities (issued by the State Electricity Regulatory Commission)

5 )项目经理注册建造师执业证书及身份证复印件 ( 5 ) Copy of the project manager's registered construction engineer's practice certificate and ID card

6 )业绩证明文件 ( 6 ) Performance certificate

7 开标文件必须有法定代表人或其委托代理人签字并加盖单位公章。 ( 7 ) The bid opening documents must be signed by the legal representative or its authorized agent and affixed with the official seal of the unit.

8 投标文件改动之处应加盖单位公章。 ( 8 ) The alteration of the bidding documents shall be stamped with the official seal of the unit.


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