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Business standard, technical standard, economic standard: Have you sorted out their relationship?

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Business Standard


商务标书包括企业资质、营业执照,相关获奖证书,证明公司业绩的相关文件,有的还需要安全生产许可证、企业简介,具体看招标文件要求。 Business tenders include enterprise qualifications, business licenses, relevant award certificates, relevant documents that prove the company's performance, and some also require production safety licenses and company profiles, depending on the requirements of the tender documents. 主要包含的内容为: The main contents are:

1. 法定代表人身份证明; 1. Identification of legal representative;

2. 法人授权委托书(正本为原件); 2. Power of attorney for legal person (the original is the original);

3. 投标函; 3. Bid letter;

4. 投标函附录; 4. Appendix to the tender letter;

5. 投标保证金交存凭证复印件; 5. Copy of deposit voucher for bid deposit;

6. 对招标文件及合同条款的承诺及补充意见; 6. Commitments and supplementary opinions on bidding documents and contract terms;

7. 企业营业执照、资质证书、安全生产许可证等。 7. Business license, qualification certificate, production safety license, etc.



技术标 Technical standard


技术标主要包括施工组织设计方面内容: Technical standards mainly include the content of construction organization design:

1. 施工部署; 1. Construction deployment

2. 施工现场平面布置图; 2. Floor plan of construction site;

3. 施工方案; 3. Construction plan;

4. 施工技术措施; 4. Construction technical measures;

5. 施工组织及施工进度计划(包括施工段的划分、主要工序及劳动力安排以及施工管理机构或项目经理部组成); 5. Construction organization and construction schedule (including the division of the construction section, the main procedures and labor arrangements, and the construction management agency or project manager department)

6. 施工机械设备配备情况; 6. Construction equipment and equipment;

7. 质量保证措施; 7. Quality assurance measures;

8. 工期保证措施; 8. Construction period guarantee measures;

9. 安全施工措施 9. Safe construction measures

10. 文明施工措施。 10. Civilized construction measures.



经济标 Economic standard


经济标主要指投标报价的组成文件 : The economic bid mainly refers to the constituent documents of the bid offer :

1. 报价封面; 1. Quote cover;

2. 投标报价汇总表; 2. Bid quotation summary table;

3. 规费、税金项目清单与计价表; 3. List of fees and taxes and pricing table;

4. 措施项目清单计价表一; 4. Measure item list price list one;

5. 措施项目清单计价表二; 5. List of measure item pricing table two;

6. 单位工程工程量清单汇总表; 6. Summary table of unit engineering quantity list;

7. 分部分项工程量清单; 7. Sub-item quantity list;

8. 零星项目计价表; 8. Sporadic project pricing table;

9. 乙供材料价格表; 9. Price list of B supply materials;

10. 单价分析表; 10. Unit price analysis table;

11. 投标文件电子版(u盘或光盘)。 11. Electronic version of bidding documents (U disk or CD).



商务标、技术标、经济标在投标过程中的作用 The role of commercial, technical, and economic bids in the bidding process

1. 商务标 Business standard

主要判断该投标企业是否符合招标文件要求的资格等因素,一般在投标报名时就会进行资格预审,达标后才有资格参加投标活动。 It mainly judges whether the bidding enterprise meets the qualifications required by the bidding documents and other factors. Generally, pre-qualification will be performed when bidding is registered, and only after the bid is reached will it be eligible to participate in bidding activities.

2. 技术标 2. Technical standard

如果是建设项目,则包括全部施工组织设计内容,用以评价投标人的技术实力和经验。 If it is a construction project, it includes all the design content of the construction organization to evaluate the technical strength and experience of the bidder. 技术复杂的项目对技术文件的编写内容及格式均有详细要求,投标人应当认真按照规定填写标书文件中的技术部分,包括技术方案,产品技术资料,实施计划等等。 Technically complicated projects have detailed requirements for the content and format of technical documents. Bidders should carefully fill in the technical parts of the bid documents in accordance with regulations, including technical solutions, product technical information, implementation plans, and so on.

3. 经济标 3. Economic standard

设计确定以后,企业能否入围,决定于经济标,其中的问题包括以下四条。 After the design is determined, whether the enterprise can be selected or not is determined by the economic target. The questions include the following four items.

1 )工程量的差异:建筑装饰变化多,经常出现定额中没有的项目,如异型装饰,定额以外的项目工程量有高低之差,怎样既能体现设计意图又要降低成本。 ( 1 ) Difference in construction quantity: There are many changes in building decoration, and often there are items not included in the quota, such as special-shaped decoration, there is a difference in the project quantity between the projects outside the quota.

2 )材料的价差:材料费在整个造价中占到 60%-65% ,按照设计要求选用同一品种材料价差很大,对工程造价影响较大。 ( 2 ) Material price difference: The material cost accounts for 60% -65% of the entire cost . According to the design requirements, the price difference of using the same type of material is very large, which has a great impact on the project cost.

3 )取费高低:国家现在是指导费率,企业管理水平不同,费用也不同。 ( 3 ) The level of fee collection: The state is now guiding the rate of fees, and the fees vary depending on the level of enterprise management.

4 )利润高低:企业在投标中有的承诺让利,企业结合工程情况取利有高有低,例如有的企业由于淡季或业主还有后续工程而让利,投标中要做到知此知彼,确定利润率。 ( 4 ) Profit level: some companies promised to make profits in the bidding process, and enterprises made profits based on the project situation. For example, some companies gave out profits due to the off-season or the owner had follow-up projects. To determine the profit margin.


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