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Xinxiang Zhongyi Power Generation Co., Ltd. Energy Consumption Online Monitoring System Equipment (Three) Inquiry and Procurement Announcement

Published: 2020-01-13 10:16:01 Author: Zhumeng Yang Views: Times

现就 Now 新乡中益发电有限公司能耗在线监测系统设备(三次)采购 进行公开询价,欢迎有意单位参与报价 Xinxiang Zhongyi Power Generation Co., Ltd.'s energy consumption online monitoring system equipment (three times) purchase for public inquiry. Interested parties are welcome to participate in the quotation.

一、询价内容: I. Inquiry content:

1. 项目名称:能耗在线监测系统设备 1. Project Name: Online Energy Consumption Monitoring System Equipment

2. 项目编号: M4101000065000277543 2. Item number: M4101000065000277543

3. 项目范围及技术要求:能耗在线监测系统设备,型号、参数等详见附件,技术要求满足行业技术规范及现场使用要求。 3. Project scope and technical requirements: The energy consumption on-line monitoring system equipment, models, parameters, etc. are detailed in the appendix, and the technical requirements meet industry technical specifications and field use requirements.

4. 时间要求:满足现场要求。 4. Time requirements: Meet the site requirements.

报价要求:报价为全部工作内容而发生的所有费用(包含安装调试) ,包括但不限于人工费、材料费、工器具使用费、企业管理费、利润及税金等内容。 5. Quotation requirements: All costs ( including installation and commissioning ) incurred for the entire work content, including but not limited to labor costs, material costs, use of industrial appliances, business management fees, profits and taxes.

本次询价为一次性报价,询价取总包报价最低者为成交供应商(分项报价不全者为报价无效),本次包设备中报价如有个别部分设备严重高于(或低于)成本价格,发包方有权取消该单项设备的采购,余下设备的报价有效,按剩余设备合计总报价最低者为成交供应商。 6. This quotation is a one-time quotation. The lowest quotation of the total package is the contracted supplier (when the partial quotation is not complete, the quotation is invalid). If there are some parts of the equipment in the quotation that are significantly higher than (or Less than) the cost price, the contractor has the right to cancel the purchase of the single item of equipment, the quotation of the remaining equipment is valid, and the lowest total quotation based on the remaining equipment is the contract supplier. The quotation should be filled in carefully. If there is an error in the quotation and it cannot be changed, the original quotation will be executed. In the end, the result of the expert group review will be the main factor.

二、合格报价人必须符合以下条件: 2. A qualified quoter must meet the following conditions:

、报价人须具备独立法人资格,具有有效企业法人证书(营业执照)和税务登记证;营业执照上的经营范围应包含生产或销售本询价产品的相关业务;具有完善的质量保证体系;具有良好的银行资信和商业信誉;具有独立承担民事责任能力和良好的诚信。 1. The bidder must have independent legal person qualifications, a valid corporate legal person certificate (business license) and tax registration certificate; the business scope on the business license shall include the relevant business of producing or selling the inquiry product; and it has a perfect quality assurance system; Have good bank credit and business reputation; have the ability to independently assume civil liability and good integrity.

2 、报价人应是合法、正常经营企业,被列入《全国企业信用信息公示系统》(或是系统显示状态)异常经营或者严重违法失信企业名录的不得参与本次投标活动;被列入《全国法院失信被执行人名单信息公布与查询平台》失信执行人名单的企业不得参与本次招标活动; 2. The bidder should be a legal and normal operating enterprise, who is listed in the "National Enterprise Credit Information Disclosure System" (or the system shows the status) of abnormal business operations or serious violations of the law and dishonesty list shall not participate in this bidding activity; be included in the " The platform for the publication and inquiry of the information on the list of people with dishonesty in the National Court of Justice "The company with the list of people with dishonesty shall not participate in this bidding activity;

3 、提供电子与智能化工程专业承包二级资质;电力承装、承修、承试二级资质;输变电专业承包二级资质。 3. Provide second-level qualifications for professional contracting in electronics and intelligent engineering; second-level qualifications for power installation, repair, and test; second-level qualifications for professional power transmission and transformation.

4 、报价人在最近三年内没有骗取中标、严重违约行为。 4. The bidder has not defrauded the bid and serious breach of contract within the past three years.

、 本次询比不接受联合体报价。 5. The inquiry does not accept the quotation of the consortium.

Third, the time and method of receiving quote documents:

1. 报价文件领取时间: 20200113日至0117 1. Quote document collection time: January 13 , 2020 to January 17 , 2020

2. 本次询比通过网络进行全电子化操作,有意参与并符合条件的报价人,需登录中原招标采购交易平台( http://133car.com )进行电子注册,经验证合格并办理CA数字证书认证和电子签章手续后,方能参与本次询价活动。 2. This inquiry is conducted through the entire electronic operation through the network. Any quotation bidder who intends to participate and meet the requirements must log in to the Central Plains Tendering and Procurement Trading Platform ( http://133car.com ) for electronic registration. Only after the CA digital certificate certification and electronic signature procedures can participate in this inquiry activity.

3 3 . 项目报名和报价方法:请登陆中原招标采购交易平台进行网上报名,报名时, 下载附件 河南投资集团系统采购活动廉洁承诺书 按照承诺书要求填写并加盖公章上传 提供电子与智能化工程专业承包二级资质;电力承装、承修、承试二级资质;输变电专业承包二级资质扫描件并加盖公章上传 . Project registration and quotation method: Please log in to the Central Plains Tendering and Procurement Trading Platform for online registration. When registering , download the attachment Henan Investment Group System Procurement Promises Promise and fill it with the official seal and upload it ; provide electronic and intelligent Engineering professional contracting second-level qualification; electric power contracting, repairing, testing second-level qualification; power transmission and transformation professional contracting second-level qualification scan and upload with official seal . 否则报名审核将不予通过,因报价人未及时按照要求上传证明文件而影响报价人网上报名审核的后果自负。 Otherwise, the registration review will not pass, because the bidder's failure to upload the supporting documents in time as required will affect the bidder's online registration review at his own risk. 报名通过后进行网上报价。 Make an online quotation after signing up.

四、报价时间及其他要求: 4. Quotation time and other requirements:

1. 报价截止时间: 20200117日上午11:00 (北京时间)。 1. Quotation deadline: January 17 , 2020 at 11:00 am (Beijing time).

2. 询比时间: 20200117日上午11:00 (北京时间)。 2. Inquiry time: January 17 , 2020 at 11:00 am (Beijing time).

3. 请各报价人于20200117日上午11:00前登陆中原招标采购交易平台上传报价,逾期作废;因供应商原因导致报价失败的,后果自负。 3. All bidders are requested to log in to the Central Plains Tendering and Procurement Trading Platform to upload their quotations before 11:00 on the morning of January 17 , 2020. The quotations are overdue; if the quotation fails due to the supplier, the consequences shall be borne by themselves.

五、询价地点:新乡中益发电有限公司计划部。 V. Inquiry place: Planning Department of Xinxiang Zhongyi Power Generation Co., Ltd.

六、联系方式: Contact information:

1 、商务联系人: 朱梦阳0373-2872269 1. Business contact person: Zhu Mengyang 0373-2872269

、技术联系人: 吕世禄0373-2872289 2. Technical contact person: Lu Shilu 0373-2872289

13603735697 13603735697

监督部门:新乡中益发电有限公司纪检监察部电话: 03732872233 Supervision department: Discipline Inspection and Supervision Department of Xinxiang Zhongyi Power Generation Co., Ltd. Telephone: 03732872233

新乡中益发电有限公司 Xinxiang Zhongyi Power Generation Co., Ltd.

2020 0113 January 13 , 2020

View attachment: Technical requirements for access of Xinxiang Zhongyi Power Generation Co., Ltd. online energy monitoring system (12-27) .doc
View Attachment: 2018.12.04 Henan Investment Group Promise of Probity of System Purchasing Activities (Supplier) .docx

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