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Liyang Yuneng Power Generation Co., Ltd. Announcement on Procurement of Boilers and Coal Conveyors in January

Published: 2020-01-10 17:12:06 Author: Guang Zhang Xian Views: Times

1. 目编号: 1. Project number:

濮阳豫能发电有限责任公司 1 月份锅炉、输煤专业备件询比采购公告 ⒉Project name: Liyang Yuneng Power Generation Co., Ltd. Announcement of Procurement and Procurement of Boiler and Coal Transportation Professional Spare Parts

⒊Purchasing content: inquiry purchase list

Serial number

Material name



Purchase quantity


隔离阀阀芯 PCV isolation valve spool





隔离阀阀座 PCV isolation valve seat





隔离阀碟簧 PCV isolation valve disc spring





隔离阀阀体密封圈 PCV isolation valve body seal





隔离阀填料 PCV isolation valve packing





Dry residue machine frame oil seal





Dry residue machine frame oil seal





Tube belt machine window support roller bracket





Tube cooling machine tail cooling device antifreeze

00L/ -20 ° C 2 00L / barrel- 20 ° C




4. 交货地点:濮阳豫能发电有限责任公司物资仓库。 4. Delivery place: Liyang Yuneng Power Generation Co., Ltd. material warehouse.

5. 供货时间:签订合同后15天内。 5. Delivery time: within 15 days after signing the contract.

6 6 . 资质条件要求: Qualification requirements:

注册资金不低于 100 万元; ⑴ The quotation supplier must have independent legal person qualifications, a valid corporate legal person certificate (business license), tax registration certificate, and organization code certificate; the registered capital must be at least 1 million yuan;

⑵ Possess good bank credit and business reputation; not in the state of being ordered to suspend business or be disqualified from bidding or the property being taken over, frozen, or bankrupted; have the ability to independently bear civil liability and good integrity

(3) The business scope of the quoted supplier's business license shall include the relevant business of producing or selling the inquiry product;

⑷Able to fully respond to the purchaser's technical requirements and delivery time;

投标人之间存在控参股、关联管理关系的,不得同时参与投标,否则相关投标均为无效。 (5) If there is a controlling shareholding and related management relationship between bidders, they must not participate in the bidding at the same time, otherwise the relevant bidding will be invalid.


7. 报名方法及截止时间/询价时间及报价要求 7. Registration method and deadline / inquiry time and quotation requirements

首先请登陆中原招采网( http://133car.com )招标采购平台, 询 This inquiry is for full electronic procurement through the Internet. Registration procedure : First, please log in to the Central Plains recruitment network ( http://133car.com ) bidding procurement platform ,

: 浏览公告时直接报名:供应商可以浏览项目公告后,使用电子钥匙,点击公告下面的现在就报名按钮登陆,直接进入该项目报名,报名时注意选择报名的分包,点击下一步”,选择注册时填好的联系人,或者手动填写联系人点击报名成功,报名成功。 Method : Register directly when viewing the announcement : The supplier can browse the project announcement , use the electronic key , click the " Sign up now " button below the announcement to log in , and directly enter the project registration . When registering, pay attention to the subcontract for registration , click " Next ", select the contact you filled in during registration , or fill in the contact manually and click " Sign up successfully " .

登陆系统报名:供应商使用电子钥匙直接进入平台系统,点击桌面上的“我要报名”后,选择页面上需要报名的项目,这里可以根据“项目名称”、“项目编号”和“采购方式”来进行模糊和精准查询项目。 Method Log on to the system to register: The supplier uses the electronic key to directly enter the platform system. After clicking "I want to register" on the desktop, select the item that needs to be registered on the page. Here you can select the item according to the "project name", "item number" and "purchase Way "for fuzzy and precise query items. Click "Sign Up" behind the project to enter the registration page to register.

11419:00 (北京时间)。 ⑵ Application deadline: January 14 , 2020 at 19:00 (Beijing time).

询价时间: 202011510:00 (北京时间) (3) Quotation deadline / inquiry time: 10:00 , January 15 , 2020 (Beijing time)

11510:00 (北京时间)前登录中原招采网上传报价,逾期作废;因供应商原因导致报价失败的,后果自负;商品在报价时必须在报价单备注栏中标明所报品牌。 报价 All bidders are required to log in to Zhongyuan Zhaozhao's online quotation before 10:00 (Beijing time) on January 15 , 2020 , which will be overdue; if the quotation fails due to the supplier, the consequences will be borne by you; The remarks column of the order indicates the reported brand.

⑸报价为不含税到厂价,供应商免费送货。 ⑸The price is excluding the tax to the factory price, the supplier free shipping. 产品质量必须满足国家、行业有关技术规定, 报价方应充分考虑履约期间的市场风险。 Product quality must meet the relevant technical regulations of the country and industry, and the quoting party should fully consider market risks during the performance period.90% ,留 10% 质保金,质保期 一年 ;支付方式为银行转账或银行承兑。 The purchaser does not pay the advance payment, the product is qualified and 90% of the payment is paid one month after the value-added tax invoice is posted , leaving a 10% warranty for one year ; the payment method is bank transfer or bank acceptance.

报价供应商必须填写附件《河南投资集团系统采购活动廉洁承诺书》签字盖章后扫描上传,否则不予审核、不得报价,责任均由供应商承担 (6) The quoted supplier must fill in the attached “Henan Investment Group's Promise of Integrity in Procurement of System Purchasing Activities”, sign and stamp it and scan and upload it; otherwise, it will not be reviewed or quoted, and the supplier shall bear the responsibility

8. 询价规则: 8. Inquiry rules:

⑴供应商只能一次报出不得更改的固定价格,供应商报价的同时即对采购人所列出全部技术参数、数量、质量标准、技术要求等做出完全响应的承诺; ⑴ The supplier can only report a fixed price that cannot be changed at one time. At the same time as the supplier quotes, he promises to fully respond to all the technical parameters, quantities, quality standards, and technical requirements listed by the purchaser;

的 The quotation submitted by the supplier shall be in RMB yuan as the minimum quotation unit;

(3) The unit of measurement used in the quotation shall be the legal unit of measurement of the People's Republic of China, unless the purchaser has special requirements;

费用 All costs of the supplier for participating in this project, regardless of the result, shall be borne by the supplier;

⑸ The lowest quotation cannot be used as the sole guarantee for the transaction;

天内保持有效,报价有效期不满足要求的报价将被视为非响应性报价而予以拒绝。 ⑹The quotation shall remain valid for 90 days after the specified inquiry time, and the quotation whose validity period does not meet the requirements will be regarded as a non-responsive quotation and rejected.

、技术及供货要求: 9. Technical and supply requirements:

报价供应商必须了解现场设备的使用状况,能满足技术参数、质量要求。 (1) The quotation supplier must understand the use of field equipment and can meet technical parameters and quality requirements. The reported materials must be compatible with the field equipment and must be consistent with the model in the purchase list. The unqualified returns will be returned directly and listed as unqualified suppliers.

   )询价产品符合国家相关产品质量要求。 ( 2 ) The inquiry product complies with the relevant national product quality requirements.

附件《河南投资集团系统采购活动廉洁承诺书》 10. Attachment "Promises of Probity of Henan Procurement System Procurement System"

11. 联系方式: 11. Contact information:

张先生 Business Contact: 13603435496 Mr. Zhang   

技术咨询: 13603833318杨先生 Technical consultation: 13603833318

何先生 Supervision phone: 0393-2072281 Mr. He

Ground     S101交叉口东约3KM路南) Point: West of Dumusi Village, Liutun Town, Liyang County, Liyang City (about 3KM to the east of the intersection of Provincial Highway S209 and S101 )



Liyang Yuneng Power Generation Co., Ltd.

2020 110 January 10 , 2020



View Attachment: Henan Investment Group System Procurement Integrity Promise Supplier.docx

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