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Zhengzhou Yuneng Thermal Power Co., Ltd. Announces Public Bidding for New Purchase of the # 2 Bucket Wheel Stacker Reclaimer (three times)

Published: 2020-01-10 16:46:52 Author: Yang Dandan Views: Times

1 . Tender conditions

斗轮堆取料机采购项目(三次)项目经公司批准,项目已具备招标条件,现对该项目进行公开招标。 Zhengzhou Yuneng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.'s new # 2 bucket wheel stacker reclaimer procurement project (three times) has been approved by the company. The bidding agency is Henan Tianping Bidding Agency Co., Ltd. Invited applicants with qualifications and qualifications are invited to participate in the bidding.

2 . Project Overview and Tendering Scope

2.1 项目名称:郑州豫能热电有限公司新增#2斗轮堆取料机采购项目(三次) 2.1 Project Name: Zhengzhou Yuneng Thermal Power Co., Ltd. Adds # 2 Bucket Wheel Stacker Reclaimer Procurement Project (three times)

2.2 项目编号: M4101000065000553078 2.2 Item Number: M4101000065000553078

2.3 招标范围:招标人现有条形储煤场已安装有1台悬臂式斗轮堆取料机,现同轨道新增1台取料1200 t/h 、堆料1200t/h 、轨距8m 、回转半径40m的悬臂式斗轮堆取料机。 2.3 Scope of bidding: The bidder has installed a cantilever bucket wheel stacker and reclaimer in the existing strip coal storage yard, and now it has added a new reclaimer of 1200 t / h , stacking 1200t / h and gauge of 8m on the same track. Cantilever bucket wheel stacker and reclaimer with a turning radius of 40m . The bidder's scope of work includes: design, manufacture, supply of equipment and materials, transportation, installation, testing, inspection, safety performance testing, commissioning, elimination, acceptance, compliance with standard production and technical services Wait.

3 Bidder qualifications and business requirements

投标人具有企业独立法人资格、具有有效的企业法人营业执照、组织机构代码证及税务登记证; (开标提供原件) 3.1 The bidder has the qualifications of an independent legal person of the enterprise, a valid business legal person business license, an organization code certificate, and a tax registration certificate;

具有良好的银行资信和商业信誉;没有处于被责令停业或投标资格被取消或财产被接管、冻结、破产状态;具有独立承担民事责任能力和良好的诚信;(投标人提供承诺,格式自定) 3.2 Possessing good bank credit and business reputation; not being in a state of being ordered to suspend business or being disqualified from bidding or property being taken over, frozen, or bankrupted; capable of independent civil liability and good integrity; )

投标人须是有能力提供招标设备的生产制造商,营业执照上的经营范围应包含生产或销售本招标产品的相关业务。 3.3 The bidder must be a manufacturer capable of providing bidding equipment. The business scope of the business license shall include the relevant business of producing or selling the bidding products.

投标人须具有设计、配套、检验、资金、安装服务等整体能力;(投标人提供承诺,格式自定)。 3.4 The bidder must have the overall ability of design, supporting, inspection, funding, installation services, etc. (the bidder provides a commitment, the format is self-defined).

投标人或其分包商需具有机电工程施工总承包三级及以上/或电力工程施工总承包三级及以上资质。 3.5 The bidder or its subcontractor shall have the qualifications of Level 3 and above for general contracting of electrical and mechanical engineering construction and / or Level 3 and above for general contracting of electrical engineering construction. (Provide original qualification when bid opening)

投标人2016年(含)以来需具有两个国内斗轮堆取料机(堆料1200t/h 、取料1200t/h 、回转半径40m及以上)合同业绩;(开标时提供合同原件及技术协议) 3.6 Bidders since 2016 (including) need to have two domestic bucket wheel stacker and reclaimer (stacking 1200t / h , reclaiming 1200t / h , turning radius 40m and above) contract performance; (provide original contract and technology at the time of bid opening) protocol)

最近三年内没有骗取中标、严重违约、投标人产品未发生重大质量问题、安全事故和违法、违规、违纪行为或因自身的原因而使任何合同被解除的情形;(投标人提供承诺,格式自定) 3.7 In the past three years, there have been no cases of winning bids, serious breach of contract, no major quality problems of bidder's products, safety accidents and violations of laws, regulations, disciplinary acts or due to their own reasons, any contract was terminated; customize)

供应商对列入失信被执行人查询,有失信记录的拒绝其参加投标活动;查询渠道:失信被执行人(查询网址“中国执行信息公开网”( http://zxgk.court.gov.cn/ )。提供网站截图。 3.8 The supplier inquired about the execution of the dishonesty, and refused to participate in the bidding activities with records of dishonesty; the inquiry channel: the dishonest executione (the inquiry website "China Enforcement Information Open Network" ( http://zxgk.court.gov. cn / ). Provide screenshots of the website.

本次招标不接受联合体投标。 3.9 Consortium bids are not accepted for this tender.

4 . Electronic registration and registration

4.1 本招标项目通过中原招标采购交易平台( http://jy.133car.com )进行全电子化招投标。 4.1 The bidding project is fully electronically bidding through the Central Plains Tendering and Procurement Trading Platform ( http://jy.133car.com ).

有意参加投标并符合条件的供应商,需先登录中原招标采购交易平台进行电子注册、经验证合格并办理CA数字认证证书和电子签章后,方能参与投标活动。 4.2 Suppliers who intend to participate in bidding and meet the requirements must first log in to the Central Plains Tendering and Procurement Trading Platform for electronic registration, pass the verification and pass the CA digital certification and electronic signature before they can participate in the bidding activities.

报名时间: 2020113日至2020117日(法定公休日、法定节假日除外),每日上午830时至1200时,下午1430时至1800时(北京时间)。 4.3 Registration time: January 13 , 2020 to January 17 , 2020 (except statutory public holidays and statutory holidays), 8:30 am to 12:00 pm, 14:30 pm to 18:00 pm (Beijing time).

报名方式:可登录平台报名,报名后网上报名后可在规定时间内登录平台报名,报名后将第3条“投标人资格要求”准备报名资料并上传至中原招采网平台,待报名审核通过后按招标文件规定缴纳购买招标文件费用,逾期缴纳或者不缴纳文件费,招标人不予受理其投标文件。 4.4 Registration method: You can log in to the platform to register. After registering online, you can log in to the platform within the specified time. After registration, you will prepare the registration information of Article 3 "Bidder Qualification Requirements" and upload it to the Zhongyuan Zhaocai Network platform, pending review of registration. After passing the bidding, the bidding documents shall be paid in accordance with the provisions of the bidding documents. If the payment is overdue or not paid, the bidder shall not accept the bidding documents.

5 . Acquisition of bidding documents

5.1 、凡有意参加投标者,请于: 2020113日至2020117日(法定节假日及公休日除外),每日上午830时至1200时,下午1430时至1800时(北京时间下同),在《中原招标采购交易平台》(网址: http://133car.com )进行网上报名,网上报名后可在规定时间内登录平台报名,报名后将第3条“投标人资格要求”准备报名资料并上传至中原招采网平台,待报名审核通过后按招标文件规定缴纳购买招标文件费用,逾期缴纳或者不缴纳文件费,招标人不予受理其投标文件。 5.1 . Those who wish to participate in the bidding, please: January 13 , 2020 to January 17 , 2020 (except legal holidays and public holidays), 8:30 am to 12:00 am, 14:30 pm From 18:00 to 18:00 (the same applies to Beijing time), register online at the "Zhongyuan Tendering and Procurement Trading Platform" (website: http://133car.com ). After online registration, you can log in to the platform to register within the specified time. After registration, prepare the registration materials for Article 3 “Requirements for Bidder Qualifications” and upload them to the Zhongyuan Zhaocai Network platform. After the application is approved, the bidding document purchase fee shall be paid according to the provisions of the bidding documents. To accept its bid documents.

、凡通过上述报名者,使用CA数字证书登录中原招标采购交易平台,下载电子招标文件,按照“中原招标采购交易平台响应文件制作系统”制作电子响应文件。 5.2 . Those who have passed the above registrations will use the CA digital certificate to log in to the Central Plains Tendering and Procurement Trading Platform, download the electronic bidding documents, and make electronic response documents in accordance with the "Central Plains Tendering Procurement Platform Response Document Production System".

、招标文件售价: 1000/包,售后不退。 5.3 The price of bidding documents: 1,000 yuan / bag, non-refundable after sale.

Account Name: Henan Tianping Tendering Agency Co., Ltd.

Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Zhengzhou Sunshine Garden Branch

(缴纳文件费时注明项目名称及单位名称和所报包号) Account number: 1702151519200001721 ( please indicate the project name, unit name and reported package number when paying the document fee)

6 . Submission of tender documents

投标文件包括电子投标文件和纸质投标文件,以电子投标文件为准,纸质投标文件作为备案与存档。 6.1 Bidding documents include electronic bidding documents and paper bidding documents. The electronic bidding documents shall prevail. Paper bidding documents shall be used for filing and archiving.

电子投标文件通过“中原招标采购交易平台投标文件制作系统”制作,并按程序导出、上传。 6.2 E-bidding documents are produced through the “Central Plain Bidding and Procurement Trading Platform Bidding Document Production System” and exported and uploaded in accordance with the procedures. The paper bidding documents are printed and bound by the printed version of the electronic bidding documents exported by the "production system" (the important contents such as the power of attorney, commitment letter, quotation form should be stamped with the official seal and authorized client's signature), the content and format and the electronic bidding documents Be completely consistent.

电子与纸质投标文件上传 / 递交截止时间(开标时间)为 2020 02 06 日上午 9:30 (北京时间)。 6.3 The deadline for the upload / submission of electronic and paper bidding documents (opening time) is 9:30 am (Beijing time) on February 06 , 2020 . Paper tender submission place (bid opening place): Zhengzhou Yuneng Thermal Power Co., Ltd. project room on the third floor.

逾期提交的或者未提交指定载体 / 地点的投标文件,招标人不予受理。 6.4 The bidder shall not accept the bidding documents submitted after the deadline or without the designated carrier / site.

7 . Media making announcements

The bidding announcement was also published on the China Bidding Public Service Platform and Zhongyuan Zhaocai Website.

8 . contact details

Buyer: Zhengzhou Yuneng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.

address:   Jiayu Town, Liyang City

13613853020 罗工 13938254056 司工 Contact person and phone: 13613853020 Luo Gong 13938254056 Secretary

招标代理:河南省天平招标代理有限公司 Bidding Agent: Henan Tianping Bidding Agency Co., Ltd.

Contact: Ms. Ding

0371-56601963 Phone: 0371-56601963

9 . Supervision department

郑州新力电力有限公司纪检审计部 Discipline Inspection and Audit Department of Zhengzhou Xinli Electric Power Co., Ltd.         监督电话: 0371-67795237 Supervision phone: 0371-67795237

河南豫能控股股份有限公司监察审计部 Henan Yuneng Holdings Co., Ltd. Supervision and Audit Department     监督电话: 0371-69515150 Supervision phone: 0371-69515150


郑州豫能热电有限公司 Zhengzhou Yuneng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.

河南省天平招标代理有限公司 Henan Tianping Tendering Agency Co., Ltd.

01 10 January 10 , 2020


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