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Puyang Longfeng Paper Co., Ltd. 2020 Negotiation Procurement Announcement for Construction Project of Wet Pulp Temporary Storage Site of Pulp Center

Published: 2020-01-10 11:35:19 Author: Guo Weifeng Views: Times

濮阳龙丰纸业有限公司拟对制浆中心湿浆临时存放场地建设工程进行采购,资金来自企业自筹,采购人为濮阳龙丰纸业有限公司,采购方式为谈判采购。 Puyang Longfeng Paper Co., Ltd. intends to purchase the wet pulp temporary storage site construction project of the pulping center . The fund will be self-raised by the enterprise. Units meeting the requirements of the negotiation documents are welcome to attend.

I. Basic information of the project  

、工程名称: 制浆中心湿浆临时存放场地建设 工程 1. Project name: Construction project of wet pulp temporary storage site of pulping center

、工程内容如下: 2. The project content is as follows:

     )、拆除原料场北边地面铺设的水泥块约8米宽60米长; ( 1 ) Demolition of the cement block on the north side of the raw material yard is about 8 meters wide and 60 meters long;

)、拆除原料场铁丝网约60米长; ( 2 ) Demolition of the wire fence of the raw material field is about 60 meters long;

)、拆除原料场北边人行道路边石约50米长; ( 3 ) Demolition of the sidewalk stone on the north side of the raw material yard is about 50 meters long;

)、拆除原料场北边步道砖约2米宽45米长; ( 4 ) Demolition of bricks on the north side of the raw material yard is about 2 meters wide and 45 meters long;

)、拆除后安装原料场北边绿化带内消防栓一个(如果因为无法停水,无法拆除和安装,则另行确定方案解决该消防栓问题); ( 5 ) After the removal, install a fire hydrant in the green belt on the north side of the raw material yard (if the water cannot be removed and installed because of the inability to stop the water, determine a solution to solve the problem of the fire hydrant separately);

)、拆除原料场北边人行道上路灯杆两个; ( 6 ) Remove two street light poles on the sidewalk on the north side of the raw material yard;

)、需要硬化地面范围内所有的井盖提升到与硬化后地面持平; ( 7 ) All manhole covers in the hardened surface need to be raised to be level with the hardened surface;

)、需要新铺设路边石约10米; ( 8 ) About 10 meters of roadside stones are needed;

)、用C30混凝土硬化地面约710平方,混凝土厚度25厘米,硬化地面基础用含灰14%的土夯实; ( 9 ). C30 concrete hardened ground is about 710 square meters, the concrete thickness is 25 cm, and the hardened ground foundation is tamped with 14% soil containing ash;

)、新建围挡约30米(按照龙丰纸业储运部存放浆板处的围挡建设,底部高50厘米砖墙,网子高度1.5米); ( 10 ) Newly built fences of about 30 meters (according to the fence construction where the board is stored by Longfeng Paper Storage and Transportation Department, the bottom is 50 cm high brick wall and the mesh height is 1.5 meters);

)、新砌墙体约60米(墙体做法为:高度2.0米,宽度0.24米,用混凝土实心砖砌,每3米设一钢筋混凝土构造立柱,立柱底部在混凝土地面以下40厘米,墙体底部到顶部之间设两道水平拉结钢筋,墙顶设20cm厚钢筋混凝土压顶,墙体两面水泥砂浆粉面后刷外墙漆,钢筋均用¢ 16 ); ( 11 ), the new masonry wall is about 60 meters (the wall method is: height 2.0 meters, width 0.24 meters, concrete solid bricks, every 3 meters set a reinforced concrete structure column, the bottom of the column is 40 cm below the concrete floor, There are two horizontal tie bars between the bottom and the top of the wall. The top of the wall is set with a 20cm thick reinforced concrete roof. The exterior wall paint is painted after the cement mortar on both sides of the wall.

)、现场多余土方和拆除后的垃圾运出龙丰公司厂外,拆除的有价物资运抵采购人指定的位置; ( 12 ) The excess earthwork and the demolished garbage on the site are transported out of Longfeng Company's factory, and the valuable materials demolished are delivered to the location designated by the purchaser;

、有关说明及要求: 3. Relevant instructions and requirements:

)、按照环保要求,施工现场做到六个百分之百,施工现场进行封闭围挡,费用由投标人承担; ( 1 ) According to environmental protection requirements, the construction site shall be sixty percent, and the construction site shall be enclosed and enclosed, and the cost shall be borne by the bidder;

)、现场土方如果不足则投标人自行解决; ( 2 ) If the site earthwork is insufficient, the bidder shall resolve it by himself;

)、参加投标的单位必须勘察现场; ( 3 ) The bidding units must survey the site;

)、投标报价包括材料费、人工费、措施费等完成该工程的全部费用; ( 4 ) The bidding quotation includes the total cost of completing the project such as material costs, labor costs, and measures costs;

)、施工必须按照有关要求和规范进行; ( 5 ) Construction must be carried out in accordance with relevant requirements and specifications;

)、现场施工方案由投标人自行解决; ( 6 ) The on-site construction plan shall be resolved by the bidders themselves;

)、施工时应注意安全,做好安全防护措施,严禁安全事故发生,施工单位对安全方面负全责; ( 7 ) Safety should be paid attention to during construction, safety protection measures should be taken, safety accidents are strictly prohibited, and the construction unit is fully responsible for safety;

)、本工程没有现场签证; ( 8 ) There is no on-site visa for this project;

、施工时与采购人搞好配合,听从采购人的安排,不得影响采购人生产经营活动的正常进行。 ( 9) Cooperate well with the purchaser during the construction and obey the purchaser's arrangements, and shall not affect the normal conduct of the purchaser's production and operation activities. According to relevant regulations, when a fire or ascent is required, a permit must be obtained before construction. During the construction process, the equipment and facilities of the purchaser shall not be damaged, or the purchaser shall be compensated according to the amount of loss;

、资金来源:企业内部自筹。 4. Source of funds: self-raised internally.

、施工地点:濮阳龙丰纸业有限公司厂区内。 5. Construction site: Liyang Longfeng Paper Co., Ltd.

、投标保证金的交纳办法及要求详见谈判文件中的规定。 6. For the payment methods and requirements of bid security, please refer to the stipulations in the negotiation documents.

、本次谈判响应资格审查方式采用资格后审法,即在开标后、评审过程中的初步审查开始时进行。 7. The qualification review method of this negotiation response adopts the post-qualification review method, that is, after the bid opening and the initial review in the review process begins.

Qualification requirements for bidders

、有能力完成工程招标内容,具备法人资格、在法律上和财务上独立、合法运作的供应商; 1. Suppliers who have the ability to complete the content of project bidding, have legal personality, and are legally and financially independent and legally operating suppliers;

、投标单位需要具有建筑工程施工总承包叁级及以上资质,具有安全生产许可证 2. The bidder shall have the qualifications of Grade 3 and above for general contracting of construction projects and a production safety license .

、需提供年检合格的《企业法人营业执照》、《组织机构代码证》、《税务登记证》原件扫描件,三证合一的投标人只提供《企业法人营业执照》原件扫描件即可; 3. The original scanned copy of the “Enterprise Legal Person Business License”, “Organization Code Certificate”, and “Tax Registration Certificate” that pass the annual inspection are required. The bidder who combines the three certificates can only provide the original scanned copy of the “Enterprise Legal Person Business License”. ;

4 、经国家企业信用信息公示系统查询,未被列入严重违法失信企业名单,未被列入经营异常名录; 4. Inquired by the national enterprise credit information publicity system, it was not included in the list of serious illegal and dishonest companies, and it was not included in the business abnormal list;

5 、具有参股关系的关联企业,或具有直接管理和被管理关系的母子公司,或同一母公司的子公司,或法定代表人为同一个人的两个及两个以上法人,不得同时投标; 5. An affiliated company with a shareholding relationship, or a parent and subsidiary company with direct management and managed relationship, or a subsidiary of the same parent company, or two or more legal persons with the same legal representative as the same person, shall not bid at the same time;

6 、在中原招标采购交易平台( http://133car.com )注册并验证合格和办理CA数字证书; 6. Register and verify compliance and apply for CA digital certificate on the Central Plains Tendering and Procurement Trading Platform ( http://133car.com );

7 、不接受进入河南投资集团有限公司黑名单的单位投标; 7. Do not accept bids from units that have entered the blacklist of Henan Investment Group Co., Ltd .;

8 、不接受联合体投标。 8. Do not accept consortium bids.

Access to negotiation documents

、本采购项目通过中原招标采购交易平台( http://133car.com/ )进行全电子化谈判采购。 1. This procurement project will be fully electronically negotiated and purchased through the Central Plains Tendering and Procurement Trading Platform ( http://133car.com/ ). 数字认证证书后,方能参与谈判采购。 Negotiation responders need to log in to the Central Plains Tendering and Procurement Trading Platform for electronic registration, and after they have passed the audit and obtained the CA digital certification certificate, they can participate in the negotiation and procurement.

、本招标项目注册完毕的谈判申请人,使用CA数字证书登录中原招标采购交易平台,下载电子谈判文件,按照“中原招标采购交易平台投标文件制作系统”(以下简称制作系统)制作、导出电子谈判文件。 2. Negotiation applicants who have registered for the bidding project use CA digital certificate to log in to the Central Plains Tendering and Procurement Trading Platform, download electronic negotiation documents, and produce and export electronic products in accordance with the “Central Plains Tendering and Procurement Trading Platform Tender Document Production System” (hereinafter referred to as the production system) Negotiation documents.

4. Submission of negotiation response documents

1 、谈判响应文件包括电子谈判响应文件和纸质谈判响应文件, 以电子谈判响应文件为准 ,纸质谈判响应文件作为备案与存档。 1. Negotiation response documents include electronic negotiation response documents and paper negotiation response documents. Electronic negotiation response documents shall prevail . Paper negotiation response documents shall be used for record and archival purposes.

电子响应文件通过 “中原招标采购交易平台投标客户端”(以下简称投标客户端) 制作,并按程序导出、上传 2. The electronic response file is produced through the “Central Plains Tendering and Procurement Trading Platform Bidding Client” (hereinafter referred to as the bid client) , and is exported and uploaded in accordance with the procedures .

纸质响应文件由“制作系统”导出的电子响应文件的打印版打印装订(▲加盖单位公章),与电子响应文件保持一致。 3. The paper response file is printed and bound by the printed version of the electronic response file exported by the "production system" (▲ stamped with the official seal of the unit), which is consistent with the electronic response file. 纸质响应文件一式二份,其中“正本”一份,“副本”一份,需加盖 企业公章和法人或受委托人签名。 The paper response document shall be made in duplicate, including one "original" and one "copy", which shall be stamped with the official seal of the enterprise and signed by the legal person or the trustee.

由于谈判响应人原因,未按要求制作、上传、加解密电子响应文件,造成开标失败的,责任由谈判响应人承担。 4. Due to the negotiating responder's failure to make, upload, encrypt and decrypt the electronic response file as required, which resulted in the failure of the bid opening, the negotiating responder shall bear the responsibility. 为确保电子开标成功,谈判响应人应将“ 投标客户端 ”导出的电子响应文件( U盘)随同纸质响应文件密封后一并递交,当上传的响应文件不能正常开标时,由工作人员现场打开已提交的电子响应文件U盘作为应急补救措施。 In order to ensure the successful bid opening, the negotiating responder should submit the electronic response file ( U disk) exported by the " bid client " together with the paper response file, and submit it together. When the uploaded response file cannot be opened normally, the staff shall be on-site. Open the submitted USB flash drive as an emergency remedy.

5 、报名的投标供应商必须参与采购人统一组织的现场勘察,否则按无效投标处理。 5. The registered bidding supplier must participate in the on-site survey organized by the purchaser, otherwise it will be treated as invalid bidding.114日上午10:00Unified survey site time: January 14 , 2020 at 10:00 am .

6 、报名截止时间为2020114日上午10:00 6. The deadline for registration is 10:00 am on January 14 , 2020 .

、谈判响应文件(电子与纸质)上传/递交的截止时间为202011715:30 ,递交地点为濮阳龙丰纸业有限公司综合楼一楼招标室。 7. The deadline for uploading / submitting the negotiation response documents (electronic and paper) is 15:30 , January 17 , 2020 , and the submission place is the tender room on the first floor of the comprehensive building of Liyang Longfeng Paper Co., Ltd.

V. Negotiation time and place

、定于202011715:30 (北京时间,节假日期间不接受报名),在濮阳龙丰纸业有限公司综合楼一楼招标室进行开标、谈判。 1. At 15:30 on January 17 , 2020 (Beijing time, registration is not accepted during the holidays), bid opening and negotiation will be held in the tender room on the first floor of the general building of Liyang Longfeng Paper Co., Ltd.

谈判响应人参加谈判时需携带 本单位专用数字证书登录钥匙 2. Negotiation responders should bring their own digital certificate registration key when participating in the negotiation .

Purchasing Contact: Lu Wei

Electricity   8998537 Words: 03938998537

Bidding Contact: Guo Weifeng  

Electricity   8961901 Words: 03938961901

pass   8961906 True: 03938961906

Supervision department: Party and Mass Discipline Inspection and Audit Department

Electricity   Word: 0393-8960051

                                              Liyang Longfeng Paper Co., Ltd.

110 January 10 , 2020   

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