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Luoyang Huanghe Tongli Cement Co., Ltd. Logistics Department Installs Drainage Cement Cover Plate, New Drainage System, Ground Heightening Project

Published: 2020-01-08 15:31:22 Author: Liu Hao Views: Times

Luoyang Huanghe Tongli Cement Co., Ltd.'s logistics department has installed drainage channel cement cover plates, new drainage systems, and ground heightening projects for inquiries and purchases. Interested parties are welcome to participate in quotation.

I. Content of inquiry

Project Name: Luoyang Huanghe Tongli Cement Co., Ltd. Logistics Department Installs Drainage Cement Cover Plates, Adds Drainage System, Ground Heightening Project Inquiry and Procurement

Purchase Number: M4101000065000162940

1、 1,      Content and technical requirements:

Service Item Name

Service Content

Purchase quantity

unit of measurement

Cement cover plates are installed on the drainage ditches on both sides of the slag shed in the east yard and the coal road in the south

1、 1, 米。 The length of the canal is about 245 meters.

2、 2, 米,宽0.6米,长0.5米,加筋:φ 10mm ,含盖盖板及清理盖板区域杂物。 Cover specifications: 0.1 m thick, 0.6 m wide, 0.5 m long, stiffened: φ 10 mm , including cover plate and cleaning debris in the cover plate area.



New drainage system for the passage between the new sealed shed in the east yard and the hazardous waste storage

1 、制作排水渠:水渠总长度约: 56米。 1. Manufacture of drainage channels: The total length of the channels is about 56 meters. Including: excavation, garbage removal, bedding, bricks, sand, artificial bricklaying, etc.

2 、排水渠两侧回填土方。 2. Fill the earthwork on both sides of the drainage channel. 米,宽4米,厚0.45米,合计约50.94m ³,另需人工内部平整、夯实。 Earthwork volume: 28.3 meters long, 4 meters wide, 0.45 meters thick, totaling about 50.94m ³. In addition, it needs to be leveled and compacted internally.

3 、排水渠两侧浇注商混:面积约90.56 ㎡(长28.3米,宽3.2米)。 3. Pouring the commercial mix on both sides of the drainage channel: an area of about 90.56 ㎡ (length of 28.3 meters and width of 3.2 meters). Contains garbage transfer, hardening, and maintenance.



Ground elevation project in front of hazardous waste warehouse

㎡,厚度0.3米。 The area is about 111.6 square meters and the thickness is 0.3 meters. Contains rubbish transfer, hardening, and maintenance.



注:甲方所提供采购范围内数据尺寸仅供参考,响应前各响应人在踏勘现场后应对工程量清单内数据进行予以确认后再进行报价。 Note: The data size within the scope of procurement provided by Party A is for reference only. Before responding, each respondent should confirm the data in the bill of quantities after surveying the site before making a quotation. 方可 根据生产、工程施工等情况需要, 有权增加或减少工程量。 Party A has the right to increase or decrease the amount of the project according to the needs of production and construction .

、工期: 15天。 2. Construction period: 15 days.

、工程部位:黄河同力厂区。 3. Project site: Huanghe Tongli Plant.

Explanation :

、报价含材料费(有特殊说明除外)、施工费、运输费、辅材、垃圾清理费、安全文明施工费等全部费用,一次报价给予最低价。 1. The quotation includes all costs such as material costs (except for special instructions), construction costs, transportation costs, auxiliary materials, garbage disposal costs, and safe and civilized construction costs. The lowest price is given in one quote.

、本次成交标准:符合采购需求、质量和服务相等且价格最低者为成交人。 2. The transaction standard: The one who meets the procurement requirements, has the same quality and service, and has the lowest price is the contractor. Note: The quotation is based on the lowest total quotation.

、施工完毕经验收合格后支付至总价款的100% 3. Pay 100% of the total price after the construction experience is accepted.

、若分项报价明显偏离市场价,我方可取消此项采购。 4. We can cancel this purchase if the itemized quotation deviates significantly from the market price.

5 、付款条件,见本项第三条,以双方洽谈为准,我公司保留商务条款严重偏离时废标的权利。 5. For payment terms, see Article 3 of this item. Subject to negotiation between the two parties, our company reserves the right to abolish the bid if the commercial terms deviate significantly.

6 、发票要求开具增值税专用发票。 6. The invoice requires a special VAT invoice.

7 、因现场地形复杂,报价前务必联系甲方进行踏勘现场,若不进行现场踏勘视为对现场情况已全部掌握。 7. Due to the complicated terrain of the site, be sure to contact Party A to conduct site surveys before quoting. If you do not conduct site surveys, it is deemed that you have fully grasped the site conditions.

、因工期较短,凡参与此项目者,都视为完全响应以上条款尤其是工期部分;本条款解释权归采购人所有。 8. Due to the short construction period, anyone who participates in this project is deemed to fully respond to the above terms, especially the construction period; the right to interpret these terms belongs to the purchaser.

、询比保证金见平台要求,如响应单位不足额缴纳询比保证金,甲方视乙方报价为无效报价。 9. The inquiry ratio deposit is based on the platform requirements. If the responding unit fails to pay the inquiry ratio deposit, Party A regards Party B's quotation as an invalid quotation.

2. A qualified quoter must meet the following conditions:

1 、具有经年检合格的《营业执照》、《组织机构代码证》、《税务登记证》及其他相关材料。 1. Have "Business License", "Organization Code Certificate", "Tax Registration Certificate" and other relevant materials that have passed the annual inspection.

2 、具有独立承担民事责任能力。 2. Ability to independently bear civil liability.

3 、具有良好的银行资信和商业信誉;没有处于被责令停业或投标资格被取消或财产被接管、冻结、破产状态,企业体制稳定。 3. Possessing good bank credit and business reputation; not being in a state of being ordered to suspend business or be disqualified from bidding or property being taken over, frozen, or bankrupted, and the enterprise system is stable.

4 、近三年内,在经营活动中没有重大违法记录。 4. In the past three years, there is no major illegal record in the business activities.

Third, electronic registration and registration

1 、本项目通过中原招采网( http://133car.com/ )进行全电子化采购。 1. This project is fully electronic procurement through Zhongyuan Zhaocai ( http://133car.com/ ).

2 、有意参加询比并符合条件的响应人,需先登录中原招采网招标采购平台进行电子注册、经验证合格并办理CA数字认证证书和电子签章手续后,方能参与电子响应活动。 2. Respondents who wish to participate in the inquiry and meet the requirements must first log in to the Zhongyuan Zhaocai Network Tendering and Purchasing Platform for electronic registration, pass the verification and pass the CA digital certification and electronic signature procedures before they can participate in the electronic response activities.

3 、中原招采网招标采购平台地址:郑州市农业路东段29号海特大厦5楼,农业路与政七街交叉口往东200米,兴业银行对面。 3 , Zhongyuan Zhaocai network bidding and procurement platform address: 5th floor, Haite Building, No. 29 , East Section of Agricultural Road, Zhengzhou City, 200 meters east of the intersection of Agricultural Road and Zhengqi Street, opposite to Industrial Bank.

满足本采购公告第3条款响应人资格要求的响应人,请于202018日至2020113日,每日上午9:0012:00 (北京时间,下同),下午14:0017:00到洛阳黄河同力水泥有限责任公司(联系方式及地址详见第8条款)报名,并同时登录中原招采网招标采购平台进行电子报名。 4. Respondents who meet the qualification requirements of the respondent in Article 3 of this Procurement Announcement, please be from 9:00 am to 12:00 am daily from January 8 , 2020 to January 13 , 2020 (Beijing time, the same below) From 14:00 to 17:00 in the afternoon, register at Luoyang Huanghe Tongli Cement Co., Ltd. (for contact details and addresses, see Clause 8 ), and log in to the Central Plains Procurement Network's bidding procurement platform for electronic registration.

Note: The purchaser will review the registration information submitted by the potential responder. Once the potential respondent is provided with false materials to register, the registration qualification will be cancelled and their legal responsibilities will be investigated.

4. All bidders are deemed to have responded to the following inquiry rules:

、报价为不含税价。 1. The price is excluding tax. The cost of the tools, materials, accessories, transportation and transportation, and environmental protection inspection to purchase the dust net cover during the implementation of the project shall be borne by the contractor.

、参与报价单位必须与采购方技术人员充分沟通。 2. The participating bidders must fully communicate with the purchaser's technical staff. After fully understanding the on-site technical parameters, operating status, maintenance content, and after-sales service standards, and the technical personnel of the purchaser's technical personnel, you can participate in the quotation.

、报价人一次报出不可更改的单价。 3. The bidder quotes an unchangeable unit price at one time.

、采购方通知成交方需要施工时,要求成交方48小时到现场。 4. When the buyer informs the trader that construction is required, the trader is required to arrive at the scene within 48 hours.

、成交标准:同等质量下总价最低且报价不超过采购方该项目采购预算的报价人即为成交人。 5. Transaction standard: The quotator who has the lowest total price under the same quality and the quotation does not exceed the purchase budget of the purchaser of the item is the contractor.

五、技术要求: V. Technical requirements:

执行国家相关标准及行业标准。 Implementation of relevant national standards and industry standards.

6. Deadline for quotation:

、报价截止时间: 2020114900 (北京时间)。 1. Deadline for quotation: 9:00 on January 14 , 2020 (Beijing time).

、询比价时间: 2020114900 (北京时间)。 2. Time of inquiry: 9:00 on January 14 , 2020 (Beijing time).

、请各报价人于2020114900前登陆中原招采网上传报价,逾期作废;因供应商原因导致报价失败的,后果自负。 3. Please ask the bidders to log in to Zhongyuan Recruitment Online before 9 : 00 on January 14 , 2020 , and make the offer invalid if it is overdue; if the bid fails due to the supplier, the consequences shall be borne by themselves.

Contact: Mr. Zhao18317551513

Address: Chengdong Industrial Zone, Yiyang County, Luoyang City

Supervision department: Party and Mass Discipline Inspection Department of Luoyang Huanghe Tongli Cement Co., Ltd., Contact: 0379-60212723

洛阳黄河同力水泥有限责任公司 Luoyang Huanghe Tongli Cement Co., Ltd.

18 January 8 , 2020


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