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Sanmenxia Tengyue Tongli Cement Co., Ltd. Langou limestone mining area water supply well and its supporting project inquiry (document) procurement announcement

Published: 2020-01-07 15:11:44 Author: Liu Chao Views: Times

一、招标条件 I. Tender conditions

The bidding project of Sanmenxia Tengyue Tongli Cement Co., Ltd. Langou limestone mining area water supply well and its supporting engineering projects have been approved by the company. The bidder is Sanmenxia Tengyue Tongli Cement Co., Ltd. The construction fund is self-raised and has been implemented. The project has been qualified for bidding, and the project construction unit is now under open bidding.

Project Overview and Tender Scope

、项目名称:三门峡腾跃同力水泥有限公司岚沟石灰岩矿区供水井及其配套工程项目; 1. Project name: Sanmenxia Tengyue Tongli Cement Co., Ltd. Langou limestone mining area water supply well and its supporting project;

、建设地点:河南省三门峡市渑池县仁村乡岚沟村; 2. Construction site: Langou Village, Rencun Township, Yanchi County, Sanmenxia City, Henan Province;

、计划工期: 90日历天; 3. Planned duration: 90 calendar days;

、质量要求:符合国家验收标准 合格 工程; 4. Quality requirements: qualified projects that meet national acceptance standards;

、招标范围: 5. Scope of bidding:

包:凿井及其附属工程,包括水源探测、凿井(一眼)施工、井壁管及水泵(两台)、输水管道( 920米)、蓄水池(两座)、水泵房一间( 10 ㎡)、变压器房一间( 5 ㎡)等内容; Package A : Well drilling and its ancillary works, including water source detection, well drilling ( one glance ) construction, well wall pipes and pumps (two), water pipelines ( 920 meters), reservoirs (two), pump house one ( 10 ㎡), one transformer room ( 5 ㎡), etc .;

包:供电线路及其附属工程,包括供电许可、线路及配电设置、供电线路( 2000米)、变压器(一台)、启动柜(一台)等内容。 Package B : power supply lines and auxiliary projects, including power supply permits, line and power distribution settings, power supply lines ( 2000 meters), transformers (one), starter cabinets (one), etc.

坐标系): X3855342Y37580814Coordinates of planned well position center ( 54 coordinate system): X : 3855342 ; Y : 37580814 ;

Quality standards: Comply with relevant industry standards such as water source survey, well construction and power. Meet the technical requirements in the bidding documents;

t / h 。 The continuous water output is not less than 25 t / h .

Note: If the area to be drilled does not meet the water extraction conditions, the bidder will not bear any costs already incurred by the bidder.

Survey site: The bidder does not organize the survey site uniformly. Whether the survey site needs to be surveyed is decided by the bidder himself, but the terrain of the construction site is relatively complicated, and no site survey is deemed to have fully grasped the site conditions.

The bidder's on-site survey purpose is to solve geophysical or other detection methods to determine whether the formation water in the area to be drilled can meet the water extraction conditions in the bidding documents; Provide technical basis for purchasing installation equipment.

Prospective bidders shall contact the tenderer for a site survey before passing the audit. The site survey is one of the conditions for passing the review.

、主要施工工程量 6. Major construction quantities

包: A package:

⑴Water source detection to determine the occurrence of groundwater sources in the area to be drilled;

⑵Water well design and positioning;

)米,含凿井施工、井壁管购置并下管、水泵的购置及安装(含配套电缆)洗井、抽水试验和提交水井柱状图,保证连续出水量在25t/h以上; (3) A well is drilled at one time, and the depth of the well is estimated to be ( 400-450 ) meters, including the construction of wells, the purchase and installation of downhole pipes, the purchase and installation of water pumps (including supporting cables), well washing, pumping tests, and submission of well histograms to ensure continuous Water output is above 25t / h ;

Purchase and installation of manhole wall pipes and secondary pumps

自上而下井壁管直径从Ф 377mm变径至Ф 219mm)The length of the borehole pipe matches the actual depth of the borehole (the diameter of the borehole pipe from top to bottom varies from 377mm to 219mm) . 米)的需求; One second-level deep well submersible pump (including supporting cables) to meet the needs of second-level water lift (water lift height difference is not less than 260 meters);

Water conveying pipeline from manhole plane to east and west mining area

无缝钢管,壁厚及连接技术要求必须满足提水高差的压强要求,总长 Tentatively determined DN100 seamless steel pipe, wall thickness and connection technical requirements must meet the pressure requirements for the height difference of water lift, the total length

米(含山地安装、压力试验及报告、保温等费用); 920 meters (including mountain installation, pressure test and report, insulation and other costs);

平方米左右(含变压器房)⑹Water pump room, about 15 square meters ( including transformer room ) ;

⑺ Reservoir

(嵌入地下约2米),储水量约500m ³。 A Xishan water storage tank is 12 * 12 * 3.5 (about 2 meters embedded in the ground), and the water storage capacity is about 500m³. (嵌入地下约2米),储水量约500m ³; A pumping station storage tank (intermediate pool) with a 12 * 12 * 3.5 (about 2 meters underground), with a water storage capacity of about 500m ³;

包: B package:

  供电许可及供电线路,约2000米(破碎站至井位); Line design, 10KV power supply permit and power supply line, about 2000 meters (crushing station to well location);

  One control cabinet and one transformer (dry type, new energy-saving is not lower than secondary energy efficiency ) one 200kva .

Strictly follow the construction procedures, and the purchase and installation of water pumps, transformers and other equipment must meet the requirements of well completion.

)”和“新型节能型”标准。 All conditions meet the national standards of the People's Republic of China "well submersible pumps ( GB / T2816-2014 )" and "new energy-saving" standards.

Requirements for bidder qualifications    

、本次招标要求投标人须具有独立法人资格; 1. This bidding requires the bidder to have the status of an independent legal person;

A包需具备工程勘察甲级及以上资质(含水文地质勘察) ,具备有效的安全生产许可证,并在人员、设备、资金等方面具有相应的施工能力; B 包需具有 电力施工或机电安装 独立法人单位, 具备有效的安全生产许可证,并在人员、设备、资金等方面具有相应的施工能力; 2. Package A must have Grade A and above qualifications for engineering survey (hydrological geological survey) , have a valid production safety license, and have corresponding construction capabilities in terms of personnel, equipment, and funds; Package B must have " power construction "Or mechanical and electrical installation " independent legal entity, with a valid production safety license, and has the corresponding construction capabilities in terms of personnel, equipment, funds, etc .;

、本次招标 不接受 联合体投标。 3. This bidding does not accept consortium bids.

Fourth, electronic registration and registration

1 、本项目通过中原招采网( http://133car.com/ )进行全电子化招标。 1. This project will conduct a fully electronic tender through Zhongyuan Zhaocai ( http://133car.com/ ).

2 、有意参加投标并符合条件的投标人,尚未注册成为中原招采网供应商库正式成员的,需先登录中原招采网招标采购平台进行电子注册、经验证合格并办理CA数字认证证书和电子签章手续后,方能参与电子投标活动。 2. Interested bidders who intend to participate in the bidding process and who have not yet registered as full members of the Zhongyuan Zhaocai.com supplier database must first log in to the Zhongyuan Zhaocai.com tendering and procurement platform for electronic registration, pass verification and apply for CA digital certification and Only after the e-signature is completed, can they participate in e-bidding activities.

3 、中原招采网招标采购平台地址:郑州市农业路东段29号海特大厦7楼,农业路与政七街交叉口往东200米,兴业银行对面。 3 , Zhongyuan Zhaocai network bidding and procurement platform address: 7th floor of Haite Building, No. 29 , East Section of Agriculture Road, Zhengzhou City, 200 meters east of the intersection of Agriculture Road and Zhengqi Street, opposite to Industrial Bank.

满足本招标公告第三条款投标人资格要求的投标人,请于202017日至2020110(法定公休日、法定节假日除外),每日上午9:0012:00 (北京时间,下同),下午14:0017:00到三门峡腾跃同力水泥有限公司(联系方式及地址详见第8条款)报名,并同时登录中原招采网招标采购平台进行电子报名。 4. Bidders who meet the bidder qualification requirements in the third clause of this bidding announcement, please from January 7 , 2020 to January 10 , 2020 ( except statutory public holidays and statutory holidays), 9:00 to 12 am daily : 00 (Beijing time, the same below), from 14:00 to 17:00 pm to Sanmenxia Tengyue Tongli Cement Co., Ltd. (for contact details and addresses, please refer to Article 8 ), and log in to the Zhongyuan Zhaocai Bidding and Procurement Platform Electronic registration.

Bidders must provide the following information when registering on-site:

     Power of attorney for legal person, ID card of the agent (if the legal representative directly signs up to provide the ID card of the legal representative); provide a valid copy of the business license, a copy of the enterprise qualification certificate, and a production safety license.

    The above materials must be accompanied by a set of originals and a copy of the company's official seal when registering, and the originals will be returned immediately after verification.

Note: The bidder will review the application materials submitted by potential bidders. Once potential bidders are found to provide false materials for registration, their registration qualifications will be cancelled and their legal responsibilities will be investigated.

V. Obtaining Bidding Documents

数字认证证书登录中原招采网招标采购平台,下载电子招标文件。 Successful bidders use the CA digital certification certificate to log in to the Zhongyuan Zhaocai Network Tendering and Purchasing Platform and download the electronic bidding documents.

Submission of tender documents

、投标文件包括电子投标文件和纸质投标文件。 1. Tender documents include electronic tender documents and paper tender documents. 电子投标文件通过“中原招采网招标采购平台投标文件制作系统”制作,并按程序导出加密文件、上传。 The electronic bidding documents are produced through the "Zhongyuan Zhaocai Bidding and Procurement Platform Bidding Document Production System", and the encrypted files are exported and uploaded in accordance with the procedures. 纸质投标文件由“中原招采网招标采购平台投标文件制作系统”导出的电子投标文件打印版打印装订(其中的投标函、投标函附录、法定代表人身份证明及授权委托书、报价表、差异表等带有签字和(或)盖章页的重要内容应采用原件),电子投标文件中相应的要求签字和(或)盖章页的重要内容必须签字和(或)盖章后扫描再复制粘贴至电子投标文件中,以保证纸质投标文件与电子投标文件一致。 The paper bidding documents are printed and bound by the printed version of the electronic bidding documents exported by the "Zhongyuan Zhaocai Bidding and Procurement Platform Bid Document Making System" (the bid letter, the appendix to the bid letter, the legal representative's identity certificate and authorization letter, quotation form, The important content with a signature and / or stamp page, such as the difference form, should be in original.) The corresponding requirements in the electronic bidding document for signature and / or stamp page must be signed and / or stamped and scanned. Copy and paste it into the electronic bidding document to ensure that the paper bidding document is consistent with the electronic bidding document.

2 、投标文件(电子/纸质)的上传/递交截止时间(开标时间,下同)为2020113日上午930分,投标人应于930分前将纸质投标文件递交至三门峡腾跃同力水泥有限公司销售楼二楼开标室,投标人应于2020113930分前将电子投标文件上传至中原招采网招标采购平台。 2. The deadline for uploading / submitting tender documents ( electronic / paper ) (opening time, the same below) is 9:30 am on January 13 , 2020 , and bidders should submit paper tender documents before 9:30 am Submit it to the bid opening room on the second floor of the sales building of Sanmenxia Tengyue Tongli Cement Co., Ltd. The bidder shall upload the electronic bidding documents to the Zhongyuan Zhaocai Bidding Platform before 9:30 on January 13 , 2020 .

3 、逾期送达的或者未送达指定地点的(电子和纸质)投标文件,招标人不予受理。 3. The tenderer will not accept any bidding documents ( electronic and paper ) delivered late or not at the designated place.

Media for making announcements

The announcement of the bidding was published on the "Zhongyuan Bidding and Procurement Network".

Contact information     

  招标人:三门峡腾跃同力水泥有限公司 Tenderer: Sanmenxia Tengyue Tongli Cement Co., Ltd.

  联系人:刘超 Contact: Liu Chao

  Electricity     话: 13698865450 Word: 13698865450

Tengyue Tongli Supervision Department: Party and Mass Discipline Inspection and Supervision Department

Electricity     话: 0398-3068910 Word: 0398-3068910



                                       Sanmenxia Tengyue Tongli Cement Co., Ltd.

January 7, 2010

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