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Henan City Development Environment Co., Ltd. 2020 Annual Working Conference Meeting Planning Agency Selects Negotiation Procurement Announcement

Published: 2020-01-13 10:09:21 Author: Yonghong Views: Times

1 . Negotiate procurement conditions

2020 年度工作会会议策划项目采购人为河南城发环境股份有限公司,制作资金来自自筹。 Henan Chengfa Environment Co., Ltd.'s 2020 annual work meeting planning project purchaser is Henan Chengfa Environment Co., Ltd., and the production funds come from self-raising. At present, the project has the procurement requirements, and the project is now under negotiation for procurement. The qualification review method is post-qualification review.

2 . 项目概况及采购范围 Project Overview and Procurement Scope

项目名称:河南城发环境股份有限公司 2020 年度工作会会议策划机构选择谈判采购 2.1 Project Name: Henan Chengfa Environment Co., Ltd. 2020 Annual Working Conference Meeting Planning Agency Selects Negotiating Procurement

项目编号: M4101000065000535010 2.2 Item Number: M4101000065000535010

项目概况:因工作需要对河南城发环境股份有限公司 2020 年度工作会会议策划项目进行谈判采购。 2.3 Project Overview: Negotiation and procurement of the project planned for the 2020 annual work meeting of Henan Chengfa Environment Co., Ltd. due to work needs .

项目地点:河南省郑州市投资大厦; 2.4 Project location: Zhengzhou Investment Building, Henan Province;

采购范围: 2020 年度工作会会议策划及广告; 2.5 Purchasing scope: 2020 work conference meeting planning and advertising;

交货期: 2020 1 2.6 Delivery time: January 2020

质量要求:合格,符合采购方各项要求; 2.7 Quality requirements: Qualified and meet the various requirements of the purchaser;

交货地点:河南省郑州市投资大厦; 2.8 Delivery place: Zhengzhou Investment Building, Henan Province;

标段划分:一个标段。 2.9 Tender section division: one tender section.

3 Negotiating procurement respondent qualification requirements

响应人须具有独立法人资格,持有有效的营业执照,注册时间应超过 8 年; 3.1 The respondent must have the status of an independent legal person, hold a valid business license, and register for more than 8 years;

响应人应为具有会议策划及广告项目的所有器材及相关人员; 3.2 Respondents should be all equipment and related personnel with conference planning and advertising projects;

所有响应人保证本项目不转包、不分包(企业须出具书面承诺,格式自拟); 3.3 All responders guarantee that the project will not be subcontracted or sub-contracted (the enterprise must issue a written commitment in a self-made format);

信誉要求: 3.4 Reputation requirements:

2016 年以来响应人没有处于破产、被责令停产、停业、投标资格被取消状态的承诺函,无重大违法记录(格式自拟,并加盖单位公章); 3.4.1 Since 2016 , the respondent did not have a letter of commitment in the state of bankruptcy, being ordered to suspend production, suspension of business, or cancellation of bidding qualifications, and had no record of major violations (the format was self-designed and stamped with the official seal of the unit);

响应人未被列为失信被执行人(以投标截止时间 信用中国 网站( www.creditchina.gov.cn )查询结果为准); 3.4.2 The respondent was not listed as the person performing the dishonesty ( subject to the inquiry result of the " CreditChina " website ( www.creditchina.gov.cn ) for the deadline for submission of bids );

单位负责人为同一人或者存在控股、管理关系的不同单位,不得同时参加同一标段投标。 3.5 The person in charge of the unit is the same person or different units with a controlling or management relationship, and must not participate in the same tender at the same time.

业绩要求:近三年有会议策划及广告类项目超过 10 万元的合同业绩。 3.6 Performance Requirements: Contract performance for conference planning and advertising projects exceeding 100,000 yuan in the past three years .

4. 谈判文件的获取 4. Acquisition of negotiation documents

4.1 本项目通过中原招采网( http://133car.com/ )进行电子化招投标。 4.1 The project uses electronic bidding through Zhongyuan Zhaocai ( http://133car.com/ ).

有意参加投标并符合条件的供应商,需先登录中原招采网平台进行电子注册、经验证合格并办理 CA 数字认证证书和电子签章手续后,方能参与本次投标活动。 4.2 Suppliers who intend to participate in bidding and meet the requirements must first log in to the Zhongyuan Zhaocai network platform for electronic registration, pass the verification and pass the CA digital certification certificate and electronic signature formalities before they can participate in this bidding activity.

4.3 满足本招标公告第 4 条款投标人资格要求的投标申请人,请于 2020 1 13 日至 2020 1 16 日登录中原招采网进行电子报名,并上传法定代表人授权书、被授权人身份证、第 3 条款规定的相关文件复印件加盖公章。 4.3 Bidding applicants who meet the bidder qualification requirements of Article 4 of this tender announcement , please log in to Zhongyuan Zhaocai for electronic registration from January 13 , 2020 to January 16 , 2020 , and upload the legal representative's authorization letter, Copies of the authorized person's ID card and relevant documents specified in Article 3 are stamped with the official seal.

招标文件售价: 100 人民币,售后不退。 4.4 Price of Bidding Documents: 100 yuan , non-refundable after sale.

( 请将标书费对公转账至此账户,并将转账截图发送至邮箱 zhaobiao86079192@126.com Payment method: cash or wire transfer to the bidder's basic account ( please transfer the bidding fee to this account, and send the transfer screenshot to the email address zhaobiao86079192@126.com )

Payment method: cash or wire transfer to the bidder's basic account

Name of Institution: Henan Provincial Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Tendering Co., Ltd.

Bank: Zhengzhou Sub-branch, China Construction Bank

41001526010059688888 Bank account number: 41001526010059688888

报名通过的投标申请人使用 CA 数字证书登录中原招采网,下载电子招标文件。 4.5 The bid applicants who have passed the registration log in to Zhongyuan Zhaocai Network with a CA digital certificate and download the electronic bidding documents.

响应文件的 递交 4. Submit the response file

投标申请文件包括电子投标文件和纸质投标文件。 4.1 Bidding application documents include electronic bidding documents and paper bidding documents.

电子投标文件通过 中原招采网投标文件制作系统 制作,并按程序导出、上传。 4.2 The electronic bidding documents are made through the " Zhongyuan Zhaocai Bidding Document Making System " , and are exported and uploaded according to the procedures. 制作系统 导出的电子投标文件打印版打印装订。 Paper bidding documents are printed and bound by printed versions of electronic bidding documents exported by the Production System .

电子与纸质投标文件上传 / 递交截止时间(开标时间) 2020 1 19 日上午 10:30 (北京时间)。 4.3 Deadline for uploading / submitting electronic and paper bidding documents (opening time) January 19 , 2020 at 10:30 am (Beijing time). 纸质投标文件递交地点(开标地点):郑州市东明路 187 号金成大厦 B 11 楼开标室 Paper tender submission location (bid opening place): Bid Opening Room , 11th Floor, Block B , Jincheng Building, 187 Dongming Road , Zhengzhou .

逾期提交的或者未提交指定载体 / 地点的投标文件,电子招标投标交易平台 / 招标人将予以拒收。 4.4 E-bidding and bidding trading platforms / tenderers will reject bid documents that are submitted after the due date or have not been submitted to the designated carrier / site .

发布公告的媒介 5. Media for announcements

河南省电子招标投标公共服务平台 》、《 中国招标投标公共服务平台 》上发布。 The announcement of this negotiation was also published on "Zhongyuan Zhaocai Network", " Henan Province Electronic Tendering Public Service Platform ", and " China Tendering Public Service Platform ".

6. 联系方式 6. Contact

trick   Mark   Person: Henan Chengfa Environment Co., Ltd.  

Link   system   Person: Ms. Fan   Mr. Maung   

电话: 0371-69158768 0371- 69158561 Phone: 0371-69158768 0371- 69158561

地址:农业路东 41 号投资大厦 A Address: Block A , Investment Building, 41 East Agricultural Road  

监督部门:河南城发环境股份有限公司风控审计部 Supervision department: Henan Chengfa Environment Co., Ltd. Risk Control Audit Department

联系电话: 0371-69158172 Phone: 0371-69158172

招标代理机构:河南省机电设备国际招标有限公司 Bidding Agency: Henan Mechanical and Electrical Equipment International Tendering Co., Ltd.

地址:郑州市东明路 187 号金成大厦 B 10 层招标一部 Address: No. 1 Bid , 10th Floor, Block B , Jincheng Building, 187 Dongming Road , Zhengzhou

联系人:何永红 Contact: He Yonghong    傅艺芮 Fu Yirui   Zeng Fanlei      

mail   450008 Series: 450008

Electricity   0371-86079192 Word: 0371-86079192

pass   0371-6552883 True: 0371-6552883

mail   zhaobiao86079192@126.com Box: zhaobiao86079192@126.com

有限公司 Henan Chengfa Environment Co., Ltd.

Henan Mechanical and Electrical Equipment International Tendering Co., Ltd.

20 1 13 20 January 13 , 20





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