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On the Operation Management of the Electronic Tendering and Bidding Platform

Published: 2016-12-08 14:48:08 Author: China Bidding public service platform Views: Times

At present, under the favorable atmosphere of the country's vigorous implementation of electronic bidding, more and more enterprises have begun to invest in the construction and operation of trading platforms. So far, many large enterprises and bidding agencies have built platforms and achieved good application results.

以招标代理机构自建的电子招标投标交易平台为例,其建设运营不仅要考虑业务技术问题,而且还要考虑如何与企业自身发展规划、业务流程、组织结构、管理制度紧密融合等经营管理问题。 Taking the e-tendering and bidding trading platform self-built by the bidding agency as an example, its construction and operation must not only consider business technical issues, but also consider how to integrate closely with the company's own development planning, business processes, organizational structure, management system and other management issues . 一方面,交易平台的功能建设需要基于招标代理机构长期积累、沉淀的业务管理模式,其流程要与业务管理需要高度契合,随着交易平台的深入应用,配套常态化的运维支持服务,将助力招标代理机构不断提高业务标准化水平,降低管理成本;另一方面,信息化平台建设和招标业务管理流程再造是互动关系,需要时间上的磨合。 On the one hand, the functional construction of the trading platform needs to be based on the long-term accumulation and precipitation of the bid management agency's business management model, and its processes must be highly compatible with the business management needs. With the in-depth application of the trading platform, supporting normalized operation and maintenance support services Assist the bidding agency to continuously improve the standardization of business and reduce management costs; on the other hand, the construction of the information platform and the reengineering of the bidding business management process are interactive relationships that require time running-in. 电子化的招标投标方式将会不断推动招标代理机构管理模式上的创新,而在创新的过程中又会不断产生出新的信息化需求,两者的螺旋式推进可以促使招标代理机构不断获得新的竞争优势,服务水平迈上更高台阶。 The electronic tendering and bidding method will continue to promote innovation in the management model of the bidding agency, and in the process of innovation, new information needs will continue to be generated. The spiral advancement of the two can promote the bidding agency to continuously obtain new Competitive advantage and service level to a higher level.

一、平台运营需要提供常态化的技术服务及客户服务 I. Platform operation needs to provide normal technical services and customer services

电子招标投标平台服务于招标投标业务,其运营管理需要立足于招标投标业务的发展。 The electronic bidding and tendering platform serves the bidding and bidding business, and its operation management needs to be based on the development of the bidding and bidding business. 通过构建合理的服务模式和平台运维管理模式,强化 以业务为核心、以平台用户需求和满意度为目标 的运维服务理念,开展协调运维服务与业务,综合发挥电子化平台的优势。 By constructing a reasonable service model and platform operation and maintenance management model, we will strengthen the operation and maintenance service concept of business as the core and target platform user needs and satisfaction , carry out coordinated operation and maintenance services and business, and comprehensively make use of the electronic platform. Advantage.

建立以事件驱动流程化的平台管理机制 1. Establish event-driven process-based platform management mechanism

平台运行过程中,需要根据实际情况制定一套完整的事前、事中、事后的具体操作规程(如:日常检查制度、标前巡检制度、工单处理制度等),让每个系统维护人员清楚自己管理的部分有哪些功能,是如何运行的,还存在哪些缺陷,可能发生哪些问题,出现故障时应该如何处理,从而使运维人员按章有序进行维护,减少运维中的不确定因素,更有效地提高工作质量和水平。 During the operation of the platform, a complete set of specific operating procedures (such as: daily inspection system, pre-bid inspection system, work order processing system, etc.) must be formulated according to the actual situation, so that each system maintenance staff Understand what functions are managed by yourself, how they operate, what defects still exist, what problems may occur, and what to do in the event of a failure, so that maintenance personnel can carry out maintenance in an orderly manner and reduce uncertainty in operation and maintenance. Factors to more effectively improve the quality and level of work.

同时,需要建立主动运维的工作体制,通过流程、制度建设,充分调动运维人员的主观能动性,实时了解系统的运行状况,并使每个维护人员清楚自己每天、每周、每月、每季度、每半年、每年,甚至每小时应该做什么,通过日志方式对其所做的工作进行流程控制监督,做到故障早发现、早预防、早解决,有效降低系统运行风险,保障平台全天候的健康、持续、稳定、高效运行。 At the same time, it is necessary to establish an active operation and maintenance work system. Through the construction of processes and systems, fully mobilize the subjective initiative of operation and maintenance personnel, understand the system's operating status in real time, and make each maintenance person aware of their daily, weekly, monthly, and What should be done quarterly, semi-annually, annually, or even every hour, the process control and supervision of the work done by the log method is adopted to realize early detection, early prevention and early resolution of failures, effectively reduce the risk of system operation, and ensure that the platform is available 24/7. Healthy, continuous, stable and efficient operation.

建立完善的平台运维管理保障体系 2. Establish a complete platform operation and maintenance management guarantee system

建立流程制度只是第一步,更关键的是如何行之有效地做持续性改善和监控,此项工作需要在平台运行过程中不断地细化落实。 Establishing a process system is only the first step. What is more critical is how to effectively and continuously improve and monitor it. This work needs to be continuously detailed and implemented during the operation of the platform.

1 )要实现招标业务与技术有机结合,建立良性的运维互动机制。 ( 1 ) To realize the organic combination of bidding business and technology, and establish a benign operation and maintenance interactive mechanism.

电子招标投标平台出现的问题,既有业务问题也有技术方案问题,也可能是业务和技术的混合体,单靠技术人员难以承担整个系统的运维工作,因此,业务与技术应有机地结合在一起,业务部门要充分发挥在业务指导、工作流程制订等方面的优势,技术人员要充分发挥在技术支持、设备保障、数据处理、系统配置等方面的优势,相互协作、紧密配合,共同研究、协同解决。 The problems appearing on the electronic bidding and bidding platform are both business problems and technical solution problems, and may also be a mixture of business and technology. It is difficult for technical personnel to undertake the operation and maintenance of the entire system. Therefore, business and technology should be integrated organically. Together, business departments must give full play to their advantages in business guidance and work flow formulation, and technical personnel must give full play to their advantages in technical support, equipment support, data processing, system configuration, etc., cooperate with each other, work closely together, jointly study, Collaborative resolution.

2 )要明确业务和技术人员在运维工作中的关系、定位。 ( 2 ) The relationship and positioning of business and technical personnel in operation and maintenance must be clarified.

除运维技术人员外,业务人员也需要在实际工作中不断地提升使用平台的能力、问题发现的能力、功能优化建议的能力,并对实际工作中发现的问题,快速区分是归属业务类还是技术类,及时进行提交,转入处理流程。 In addition to operation and maintenance technicians, business personnel also need to continuously improve the ability to use the platform, the ability to find problems, and the ability to optimize function recommendations in actual work, and quickly distinguish the problems found in actual work whether they belong to the business class or Technical, submit in time and transfer to the processing process.

3 )要建立考核评价机制。 ( 3 ) Establish an assessment mechanism.

通过可量化的指标,形成对运维管理人员、运维技术人员、客服人员日常工作的科学评价和绩效考核,既调动其积极性,又提升服务质量和工作效率,从而保障运维体系切实发挥其实用性、高效性。 Through quantifiable indicators, scientific evaluations and performance evaluations of the daily work of operation and maintenance managers, operation and maintenance technicians, and customer service personnel are formed, which not only mobilizes their enthusiasm, but also improves service quality and work efficiency, thereby ensuring that the operation and maintenance system effectively displays its performance. Practical and efficient.

建立快速的运维应急机制 3. Establish a rapid operation and maintenance emergency mechanism

应急机制包含业务、技术两方面内容。 The emergency mechanism includes both business and technical aspects. 业务应急机制,当发生系统故障致使业务操作不能正常进行时,立即启动传统手工操作代替计算机管理,待故障排除后,录入到系统中去,保证连续性。 Business emergency mechanism. When a system failure occurs and business operations cannot be performed normally, immediately start the traditional manual operation instead of computer management. After troubleshooting, enter the system to ensure continuity. 技术应急机制是针对机房、数据库、网络、系统安全等故障发生时,采取应急对策,只有事先对各种突发情况有考虑、有准备,才能防患于未然,才能在事情发生后沉着应对、冷静处理。 The technical emergency mechanism is to take emergency countermeasures against the occurrence of failures in the computer room, database, network, and system security. Only by considering and preparing for various emergencies in advance can we prevent problems before they occur, and we can calmly cope after the incident. Handle calmly.

建立实用的运维知识库 4. Establish a practical operation and maintenance knowledge base

运维知识经验的总结、维护和共享,是提高运维技能水平、将个体的经验教训转化为整体财富的重要手段,让系统管理不依赖于个人能力,充分发挥运维队伍的整体优势。 The summary, maintenance, and sharing of operation and maintenance knowledge and experience is an important means to improve the level of operation and maintenance skills and turn individual experiences and lessons into overall wealth, so that system management does not rely on individual capabilities and give full play to the overall advantages of the operation and maintenance team.

1 )编制统一的运行维护手册,规范电子招标投标平台运行维护工作流程、操作标准。 ( 1 ) Prepare a unified operation and maintenance manual to standardize the operation and maintenance workflow and operating standards of the electronic bidding and tendering platform. 通过建立全员质量运维管理体系,明晰运维流程、规范运维管理、提高运维效率,实现运行维护工作标准化,减少运维操作的随意性。 Through the establishment of a full-scale quality operation and maintenance management system, the operation and maintenance processes are standardized, the operation and maintenance management is standardized, the operation and maintenance efficiency is improved, the operation and maintenance work is standardized, and the randomness of operation and maintenance operations is reduced.

2 )建立运维知识库,并定期回顾,从中辨识和发现问题的线索和根源,如出现某种系统故障,可在运维知识库中迅速查找系统维护记录,对问题快速定位,彻底解决技术人员各自为战,系统管理全凭个人的局面。 ( 2 ) Establish an operation and maintenance knowledge base, and review it regularly to identify and find the clues and roots of the problem. If a certain system failure occurs, you can quickly find the system maintenance records in the operation and maintenance knowledge base, quickly locate the problem, and solve it The technicians are fighting on their own, and the system management depends on the individual situation.

3 )建立问题反馈机制,促进知识积累。 ( 3 ) Establish a problem feedback mechanism to promote knowledge accumulation. 设置问题反馈、收集流程,对平台各类问题及解决方案进行定期总结、分析、入库管理,建立通畅的沟通交流渠道。 Set up problem feedback and collection processes, conduct regular summary, analysis, and warehouse management of various problems and solutions on the platform, and establish smooth communication channels.

规范化开评标现场技术支持服务 5. On-site technical support service

招标人和评标专家、监标人是电子招标投标平台的一大核心用户群体,开评标现场是了解用户使用感受、收集用户意见建议绝佳的第一现场,因此,在提供平台技术支持服务的同时,收集用户需求、为平台功能优化提升积累素材将是现场服务工作的另一项关键任务。 Tenderers, bid evaluation experts, and bid supervisors are a large core user group of the electronic bidding and bidding platform. The bid evaluation site is the first place to understand the user experience and collect user opinions and suggestions. Therefore, we provide platform technical support. While serving, collecting user needs and accumulating materials for platform optimization and improvement will be another key task for field service work.

1 )现场技术支持服务。 ( 1 ) On-site technical support services. 需要建立规范化的服务模式和问题处理流程,编制专门的开评标问题解决手册,使投标人、招标人、评标专家可以借助手册快速解决问题。 It is necessary to establish a standardized service model and problem handling process, and to prepare a special manual for the evaluation of problem opening so that bidders, tenderers, and evaluation experts can use the manual to quickly solve problems. 同时,加强对投标人的宣贯力度,力争在开标前做好开标解密的所有准备工作,防患于未然。 At the same time, strengthen the propaganda efforts for bidders, and strive to do all the preparations for bid opening and decryption before bid opening to prevent problems before they occur.

2 )收集用户需求。 ( 2 ) Collect user needs. 制定用户需求收集表,在解决招标人、投标人、评标专家问题的同时,对于有利于平台发展提升的意见建议进行归纳整理,形成第一手资料,指导后续的平台服务流程优化、平台功能优化。 Draw up user demand collection tables, while solving the problems of bidders, bidders, and bid evaluation experts, summarize and summarize the opinions and suggestions that are conducive to the development and improvement of the platform to form first-hand information to guide subsequent platform service process optimization and platform functions optimization.

用户培训服务 6. User training services

用户培训是平台稳定运行的一项重要工作,培训群体为:招标人、项目经理、投标人、评标专家等,可采用系统流程讲解、功能演示、在线模拟等多种方式开展。 User training is an important task for the stable operation of the platform. The training groups include: bidders, project managers, bidders, bid evaluation experts, etc., which can be carried out in a variety of ways, including system process explanation, function demonstration, and online simulation. 需要不断地完善平台培训方案、各类操作手册、各种业务指南,为各类用户掌握平台使用提供支撑手段。 It is necessary to continuously improve the platform training program, various operation manuals, and various business guides to provide support for various users to master the use of the platform.

其中针对投标人,应不断地加强宣传和培训工作。 For bidders, publicity and training should be continuously strengthened. 采取规模化的集中、现场培训,加深投标人对新型模式下的投标文件编制、加密上传以及开标解密等工作的理解。 Adopt large-scale centralized and on-site training to deepen the understanding of bidders on the preparation of bidding documents, encrypted uploading, and bid opening and decryption under the new model. 同时针对投标人群体的特点,进一步精简平台操作手册的内容,以最直观、最简单的方式指导投标人快速掌握。 At the same time, according to the characteristics of the bidder group, the content of the platform operation manual is further streamlined, and the bidders are guided to grasp quickly in the most intuitive and simple way.

二、进一步挖掘平台功能,推动招标代理机构业务流程再造 2. Further dig platform functions to promote business process reengineering of bidding agencies

目前平台核心功能的实现,是理顺招标代理机构现有业务流程并对流程进行再造的过程,如标书发售环节,流程再造后供应商直接通过网上支付完成标书购买,相比之前 网上登记、线下电汇、人工审核、标书下载 的工作流程极大地提高了招标代理机构对客户的响应速度。 At present, the realization of the core functions of the platform is to streamline the existing business processes of the bidding agency and re-engineer the process. For example, in the tender sale process, after the re-engineering, the supplier directly completes the tender purchase through online payment. Compared with the previous " online registration, The work flow of " offline wire transfer, manual review, and tender download " has greatly improved the response speed of bidding agencies to customers. 因此电子招标投标平台的后续建设,需要招标代理机构在企业管理理念的改变、管理流程的创新等根本性问题上下功夫,提出进一步拓展平台功能的合理化需求,如供应商信息库建设、供应商分析及评价体系建设、工程清标管理、价格库建设、招投标交易大数据分析等,借助信息化手段实现业务流程再造,提高招标代理机构流程运作的效率。 Therefore, the follow-up construction of electronic bidding and bidding platforms requires bidding agencies to work on fundamental issues such as changes in corporate management concepts and innovation in management processes, and put forward rational requirements for further expansion of platform functions, such as supplier information database construction and supplier analysis. And evaluation system construction, project bid management, price database construction, big data analysis of bidding and transaction, etc., with the help of information technology to achieve business process reengineering and improve the efficiency of the bidding agency process operation.

同时,随着市场化改革的不断深入,包括招标代理在内的服务收费按政府指导价管理的方式已转变为实行市场调节价,招标代理业务的市场化竞争越来越激烈,在此背景下,需要紧紧抓住电子化的发展机会,实现快速转型,以平台的标准化和多元化服务为依托,纵向深入、横向扩展,提高专业化竞争能力。 At the same time, with the continuous deepening of market-oriented reforms, the management of service charges, including bidding agents, has been changed to the implementation of market-adjusted prices according to the government-guided price management. The market-based competition in bidding agency business is becoming increasingly fierce. It is necessary to tightly seize the opportunities for electronic development and achieve rapid transformation. Relying on the standardization of the platform and diversified services, the company will expand vertically and horizontally to improve its professional competitiveness. 在平台的推广应用过程中,通过不断积累数据、深挖需求,逐步构建大数据时代下的决策分析体系,利用数据挖掘、商业智能技术,深入分析研究供应商市场、价格体系,为招标人提供招投标领域的专业管理咨询,将优质平台、优质服务作为开拓市场的有效手段,摆脱同质化竞争,进一步提高招标代理机构的市场核心竞争力。 In the process of popularization and application of the platform, by continuously accumulating data and deepening demand, gradually build a decision analysis system in the era of big data, and use data mining and business intelligence technology to analyze and analyze the supplier market and price system in depth to provide bidders with Professional management consulting in the field of bidding, using high-quality platforms and services as an effective means of market development, getting rid of homogeneous competition, and further enhancing the core competitiveness of the market for bidding agencies.


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