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Opinions of the People's Government of Henan Province on Further Regulating Bidding Activities

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Henan Provincial People's Government
Opinions on further standardizing bidding activities
Yuzheng [2009] No. 48
, 省人民政府各部门 : Provincial People's Governments , Provincial People's Government departments :
( 以下简称招投标 ) 活动 , 营造公开、公平、公正的市场竞争环境 , 根据《中华人民共和国招标投标法》、《中华人民共和国政府采购法》、《中华人民共和国行政许可法》、《国务院办公厅关于进一步规范招投标活动的若干意见》 ( 国办发〔 2004 56 ) 、《河南省实施〈中华人民共和国招标投标法〉办法》等法律、法规和相关规定 , 结合我省实际 , 提出以下意见 : In order to further regulate the tendering and bidding activities in the province ( hereinafter referred to as bidding ) , and create an open, fair and fair market competition environment , in accordance with the "People's Republic of China Tendering and Bidding Law", "People's Republic of China Government Procurement Law", Laws, regulations and related provisions such as the License Law, the General Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Further Regulating Bidding and Tendering Activities ( Guobanfa [ 2004 ] No. 56 ) , the Measures of Henan Province for the Implementation of the Law of the People's Republic of China on Tendering and Bidding Based on the actual situation in our province , the following opinions are put forward :
I. Fully understand the significance of further standardizing bidding activities
, 是社会主义市场经济体制下通过竞争择优方式优化资源配置的重要途径 , 是深化投资体制改革、提高国有资产使用效益和工程质量的有效手段 , 是加强反腐倡廉建设、从源头上预防和治理腐败的重要环节。 Further standardizing bidding activities is an important way to optimize resource allocation through competitive selection under the socialist market economy system.It is an effective means to deepen the reform of the investment system, improve the efficiency of the use of state-owned assets and the quality of projects. An important link at the source to prevent and manage corruption. , 随着我省经济持续快速发展 , 招投标活动日趋普及 , 招投标领域不断扩大 , 招投标已成为市场经济活动的重要内容。 In recent years , with the sustained and rapid development of the province's economy , bidding activities have become increasingly popular , and the field of bidding has been expanding . Bidding has become an important part of market economic activities. , 我省招投标市场发展较好。 From the overall situation , our province's bidding market has developed well. , 仍存在一些不容忽视的问题 : 有的地方和部门人为分割招投标市场 , 实行行业垄断和地区封锁 ; 有的项目业主以各种名义规避招标、虚假招标 , 人为干预评标和定标 ; 有的投标人串通投标、围标 , 以出具假资质、假保函、假业绩、假信贷证明等不正当手段骗取中标 , 之后擅自转包和违法分包 ; 一些行政监督部门监管乏力 , 对违法行为查处不力 ; 有的领导干部直接介入或非法干预招投标活动 , 行贿受贿、贪污腐败问题时有发生。 However , there are still some issues that cannot be ignored : some localities and departments artificially divide the bidding market , implement industry monopolies and regional blockades ; some project owners evade bidding and false bidding under various names, and artificially interfere in bid evaluation and determination ; Some bidders colluded in bidding and bidding to obtain winning bids by improper means such as false qualifications, false guarantees, false performance, and false credit certificates , and then subcontracted and illegal subcontracting without authorization ; some administrative supervision departments have weak supervision over illegal acts. Weak investigations ; some leading cadres directly or illegally interfered in bidding activities , and bribery, corruption and corruption occurred from time to time. , 各地、各部门一定要从大局出发 , 提高认识 , 采取切实可行措施 , 改进招投标办法 , 进一步规范招投标活动。 Therefore , localities and departments must proceed from the overall situation , raise awareness , take practical measures , improve bidding methods , and further regulate bidding activities.
, 促进招投标市场有序竞争 Second, further open the bidding market and promote orderly competition in the bidding market
, 修改或废止与《中华人民共和国招标投标法》、《河南省实施〈中华人民共和国招标投标法〉办法》、《中华人民共和国行政许可法》和国办发〔 2004 56 号文件相抵触的规定 , 并向社会公布。 All localities and departments in the province shall further clean up the normative documents related to bidding , amend or abolish the "Tendering and Bidding Law of the People's Republic of China", "The Measures of Henan Province for the Implementation of the" Tendering and Bidding Law of the People's Republic of China ", The Administrative Licensing Law conflicts with the regulations issued by the State Council [ 2004 ] No. 56 and is announced to the public. , 不得制定限制性条件阻碍或者排斥其他地方、其他系统投标人进入本地、本系统市场 ; 严格禁止以获得本地、本系统奖项等歧视性要求作为评标加分条件或者中标条件 ; 不得要挟、暗示投标人在中标后分包部分工程给本地、本系统的承包商、供货商。 Resolutely prohibit industry monopolies and regional blockades , and must not establish restrictive conditions to hinder or exclude bidders from other places and other systems from entering the local market and the system ; strictly prohibiting discriminatory requirements such as local and system awards as additional points for bid evaluation Or the conditions for winning the bid ; no bidding shall be required to imply that the bidder subcontracts part of the project to the local contractor or supplier of the system after the bid is won.
, 严格按照《河南省实施〈中华人民共和国招标投标法〉办法》规定的范围和规模标准进行招标。 It is necessary to further expand the field of tendering and bidding , and strictly follow the scope and scale standards stipulated in the Measures of Henan Province for the Implementation of the "People's Republic of China Tendering and Bidding Law". , 全部或者部分使用国有资金投资或者国家融资的项目 , 使用国际组织或者外国政府贷款、援助资金的项目等三类项目必须依法进行招投标。 Large-scale infrastructure, public utilities and other projects related to social public interests and public safety , all or part of the projects using state-owned funds for investment or state financing, projects using international organizations or foreign government loans, aid funds and other three types of projects must be recruited according to law tender. Standardize bidding activities in government procurement, scientific research topics, franchise rights, pharmaceutical procurement, and property management.
, 强化资格预审作用 Improve the pre-qualification measures and strengthen the role of pre-qualification
In the pre-qualification stage, the qualification performance and credibility of bidders shall be strictly examined. , 将投标阶段对投标人技术能力、管理水平、财务能力、企业信用报告、信用评级报告、以往业绩信誉和有无不良记录等的审查工作前移到资格预审阶段 , 评标阶段不再对上述内容进行评审。 It is necessary to adjust the pre-qualification content , and move the review of bidders' technical capabilities, management levels, financial capabilities, corporate credit reports, credit rating reports, past performance credibility, and presence of bad records, etc. to the pre-qualification review stage and bid evaluation The above content will no longer be reviewed at this stage. , 资格预审一般应当采用合格制 ; 对于技术复杂、施工难度大的工程 , 经行政主管部门批准后可实行打分制。 In order to prevent potential bidders from bidding or colluding , prequalification should generally adopt the qualification system ; for projects with complicated technology and difficult construction , a scoring system can be implemented after approval by the administrative department in charge. , 通过符合性审查、强制性标准审查的潜在投标人均应通过资格预审 , 不得限制通过预审投标人的数量。 As long as the pre-qualification conditions are met , potential bidders who pass the compliance review and mandatory standard review should all pass the pre-qualification review, and the number of bidders who pass the pre- qualification review should not be limited. , 通过资格预审的投标人不得少于 5 家。 In order to ensure full competition , no less than 5 bidders have passed pre-qualification .
, 资格评审工作由招标人依法组织的专家审查委员会负责。 In order to effectively ensure the openness, fairness and impartiality of the pre-qualification work, the expert review committee organized by the tenderer according to law is responsible for the qualification review work. , 专家的数量不少于资格预审委员会成员总数的 2/3 Qualification review experts are randomly selected from the list of relevant professional inter-provincial experts in the province's unified expert database , and the number of experts is not less than 2/3 of the total number of members of the pre-qualification committee . , 独立对投标人递交的资格预审申请文件作出是否通过审查的结论 , 并对审查结论负责。 The reviewing expert shall make a conclusion on whether the prequalification application documents submitted by the bidder have passed the review , and shall be responsible for the review conclusions , in accordance with the compliance conditions and mandatory standards of the prequalification documents . The tenderer's auxiliary staff shall not participate in the specific review work. , 并向未通过资格预审的投标人书面说明理由 , 接受社会监督。 The bid inviting party shall publicize the results of prequalification review in accordance with the law , and explain the reasons in writing to the bidders who have not passed the prequalification review , and accept social supervision.
, 克服人为因素影响 Improve the bid evaluation method and overcome the influence of human factors
, 保证评标工作科学、合理、公正、透明 , 积极推行合理低价评标法 , 恰当实行最低价评标法 , 限制采用综合评分法。 In order to minimize the influence of human factors , to ensure that the evaluation of bids is scientific, reasonable, fair and transparent , actively implement a reasonable low-price evaluation method , properly implement the lowest-price evaluation method , and limit the use of comprehensive evaluation methods.
, 均采用经评审的合理低价评标法。 For projects with general technology or performance standards or no special requirements for technology or performance , a reasonably low-cost bid evaluation method is used. , 在评标阶段仅对投标要件是否存在重大偏差进行审查 , 主要对投标人报价进行评审。 When a reasonable low-price bid evaluation method is used , only the bid elements are reviewed for major deviations during the bid evaluation stage , and the bidders' bids are mainly evaluated.
, 或具有通用技术、性能标准的设备、材料及服务采购项目 , 采用最低价评标法 , 但要通过提高履约保函额度或者保证金的形式防止恶意低价抢标。 For engineering projects with low technical content and small scale , or equipment, materials and service procurement projects with general technology and performance standards , the lowest price evaluation method is adopted , but the malicious low level should be prevented by increasing the performance guarantee limit or the form of margin. Price bidding.
      , 可实行综合评分法。 For engineering projects with complicated technology and special performance standards , a comprehensive scoring method can be implemented.
, 实行 阳光运作 V. Improving the way of bid opening and calibration , and implementing " sunshine operation "
Bids shall be opened and determined publicly in strict and standardized places in accordance with legal procedures. , 应采取开标现场随机抽取调整系数的方式形成标底 , 现场公布中标候选人。 The bidding project that adopts the reasonable low-price evaluation method shall adopt the method of randomly selecting adjustment coefficients at the bid opening site to form the bid base , and announce the winning candidates on the spot. , 招标人应依据投标人报价确定中标人 , 无正当理由不得取消第一中标候选人优先中标资格 , 不得在中标候选人之外另行选择中标人。 For the bidding project using the lowest price evaluation method , the bidder shall determine the successful bidder based on the bidder's offer , and shall not cancel the first bidding candidate's priority for winning the bid without justifiable reasons , and shall not select a successful bidder other than the successful bidder. , 并进行公示。 The results of bid evaluation shall be announced in time and publicly announced.
, 积极探索网络招标、电子招标等多种招标形式 , 逐步实现无纸化投标和计算机辅助评标。 Innovate bidding methods , actively explore multiple forms of bidding, including online bidding and electronic bidding , and gradually implement paperless bidding and computer-aided bid evaluation. , 全过程监控开标、评标、定标。 Establish an online monitoring system and early warning mechanism for bidding activities, and monitor bid opening, evaluation, and determination throughout the process.
, 促进招投标活动健康开展 Sixth, standardize the behavior of the main body of bidding and promote the healthy development of bidding activities
Strengthen the supervision and management of bidders. , 招标人要公开招标信息 , 按要求在指定的媒介发布招标公告 , 使潜在投标人能够了解项目情况、招标时间及地点、评标标准和方法 , 并有充足时间做投标准备。 For projects that are required to bid according to the law , the bidder shall disclose the bidding information and issue a bidding announcement in the designated media as required , so that potential bidders can understand the project situation, time and place of bidding, bid evaluation criteria and methods , and have sufficient time to do Preparation of bids. , 不得违法指定或者限制招标公告的发布地点和发布范围。 No unit or individual shall arbitrage the items that must be tendered according to law to zero or evade tendering in any other way , and shall not illegally designate or limit the place and scope of the tender announcement. , 不得在文件中含有倾向或排斥潜在投标人的内容 , 不得含有地区或行业性限制条款 , 不得含有违反法律、法规和规章的规定。 To adopt national unified standards for pre-qualification documents or bidding documents , the documents shall not contain content that tends to or exclude potential bidders , shall not contain regional or industry restrictions , and may not contain provisions that violate laws, regulations and rules. , 应在资格预审文件或招标文件的显著位置以黑体字标出。 In addition to the conditions for the abolition of bids in addition to the national model, the general provisions or special provisions with special requirements shall be marked in bold in the prominent position of the prequalification document or the bidding document. , 招标人不得向中标人提出超出资格预审文件或招标文件规定的违背中标人意愿的要求 , 不得背离资格预审文件或招标文件的实质性条款再行订立其他协议。 When entering into a contract , the bid inviting party shall not submit to the successful bidder a request that exceeds the prequalification documents or bidding documents against the wishes of the successful bidder , and may not depart from the substantive provisions of the prequalification document or the bidding documents before entering into other agreements.
Strengthen the supervision and management of bid evaluation experts and the database of bid evaluation experts. , 吸收一定比例的省外优秀评标专家进入专家库。 Establish a province-wide unified bid evaluation expert database across regions and departments and implement dynamic management to absorb a certain percentage of outstanding bid evaluation experts from outside the province into the expert database. , 依据有关规定 , 暂停或者取消其资格 , 不得再参加本省项目的评标活动 , 同时建议主管部门给予相应的政纪处分 ; 涉嫌犯罪的 , 移交司法机关处理。 If a bid evaluation expert violates the law and discipline during the bid evaluation process , according to relevant regulations , his qualifications shall be suspended or cancelled , and he shall not be allowed to participate in the bid evaluation activities of the project in the province at the same time . .
Strengthen the supervision and management of bid invitation agencies. , 招标代理机构必须与行政机关、事业单位脱钩 , 不得存在任何隶属关系或者其他利益关系。 To establish and improve the market entry and exit system of the bidding agency , the bidding agency must be decoupled from the administrative organs and institutions , and there must be no affiliation or other interests. Bidding agencies shall operate in accordance with the law and compete on an equal footing. , 一经查实要严肃处理 ; 情节严重的 , 取消其招标代理资格。 Illegal bidding agencies shall be dealt with seriously upon verification ; if the circumstances are serious , their bidding agency qualifications shall be cancelled.  
        , 依法监管招投标行为 Strengthen the administrative supervision of bidding activities and supervise bidding activities in accordance with the law
Strengthen the supervision of the entire bidding process. , 完善招投标投诉处理机制 , 实行实名举报制度。 Establish a unified and standardized public resource trading platform , improve the bidding and complaint handling mechanism , and implement a real-name reporting system. , 加大对转包、违法分包行为的查处力度。 Focus on strengthening the supervision of illegal activities such as leaking confidential information, colluding bidding, colluding bidding, discriminating and excluding bidding during the bidding process, and increasing investigation and punishment of subcontracting and illegal subcontracting. , 或者从其他单位租借资质证书进行投标等行为 , 由相关行政主管部门依法处理。 Relevant administrative departments shall deal with acts such as calling on qualified or highly qualified units and bidding in their name , or renting qualification certificates from other units for bidding . Accelerate the establishment of a credit evaluation index system for employers. , 定期向社会公布相关信息。 Relevant departments must make accurate and fair evaluations of the credit status of the employers and regularly release relevant information to the society. , 将招投标活动中违法违规的从业单位和人员记入 黑名单 ”, 并向社会公布 ; 情节严重的 , 要依法追究责任。 Establish a credit system and an honest access system in the field of engineering construction in Henan Province , and enter the " blacklist " of illegal employment units and personnel in bidding activities and make them public ; if the circumstances are serious , they shall be held accountable according to law.
, 人盯人 计算机盯事 Disciplinary inspection and supervision organs at all levels must establish an electronic inspection system to change " people-to-people " into " computer-to-things " . Severely investigate and deal with corruption and malpractices in bidding activities. , 采取暗示、授意、打招呼、递条子、指定、强令等方式干预和插手招投标活动的违纪违法行为。 Focus on the investigation and punishment of leading cadres and state officials for the purpose of seeking personal gain , and implying, insinuating, greeting, delivering notes, designating, forcing orders, etc. to intervene in and interfere with bidding activities. , 依法受理诬告陷害、打击报复他人的投诉 , 营造公开、公平、公正的市场竞争环境。 While severely punishing bribery, severely punish bribery , accept false accusations and crack down on retaliation against others, and create an open, fair and just market competition environment.
, 及时总结经验 , 不断完善制度 , 切实解决招投标工作中出现的新矛盾、新问题 , 推动我省招投标工作健康有序开展。 Governments at all levels must effectively strengthen the organization and leadership of bidding , sum up experience in a timely manner , and constantly improve the system , and effectively resolve new contradictions and problems in bidding , and promote the healthy and orderly development of bidding in our province.
                                                                               Henan Provincial People's Government
                                                                                                       ○○ 九年七月三日 July 3, 2009

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